NFL Week 10 Powre Rankings

NFL Week 10 Powre Rankings
M.D. Wright

Week 10 DEAR GOD? Saints and Colts are the best teams in the league — but not in that order ha.

1. Indianapolis Colts.
Again, Peyton > Brees. Until that changes, I REFUSE to say the Saints are better than the Colts.

2. New Orleans Saints.
They get it done in every phase of the game. You can’t make mistakes against them because they capitalize on offense AND defense.

3. Cincinnati Bengals.
I like these Bengals. They have a chance to move into rare air if they beat the Steelers in Week 10.

4. Minnesota Vikings.
Friggin’ coaching will cause them to be a 14-2 team when they could be 15-0 going into the final game against the Giants when they will be resting starters. Chilly Willy needs to get the ball to Peterson whenever the game is on the line and live and die by it.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers.
(John Facenda Voice) “The STEEEEEEEEEEEEEL CUHHHHTIN” is back in full effect. Watch out AFC (they can be beaten by IND, NO and the Cardinals would win in a revenge match).

6. Dallas Cowboys.
First place in the NFC East with a game in the bag against Philadelphia. Huge rematch with the Giants coming up soon which in effect will decide the division.

7. New England Patriots.
We’ll see if they’re 100% for real in these next couple of weeks.

8. Denver Broncos.
I am loving how Orton is being exposed. If they still had Cutler they’d be like the Saints of the AFC.

9. Arizona Cardinals.
I think they’re about to take off.

10. San Diego Chargers.

11. Atlanta Falcons.
They are about to catch a major beatdown in Week 11, so this may be their peak this season.

12. Philadelphia Eagles.
Their holes, which I’ve spoken of since preseason are evident. If they can’t annihilate you with big plays (Dallas stifled this) they aren’t even AVERAGE on offense.

13. Baltimore Ravens.
I don’t know how many times I can excuse those last minute losses before I go back to my original prognosis in the preseason that their defense was not going to be AS good without Rex Ryan and now with an aging, 34 year old Ray Lewis and no real stars in the secondary outside of Ed Reed.

14. New York Giants.
They will fix their problems in the bye week, because coach Tom Coughlin won’t stand for any less. Guys’ jobs are at stake with a division/conference and potential Super Bowl winning team spiraling their way right out of playoff contention. For better (GILBRIDE) or for worse (Sheridan) coaches are coaching for their jobs these 6 weeks coming off the bye.

15. New York Jets.
Are they the team that has lost 4 games or the one that has won 4?

16. Houston Texans.
Should have beaten the Colts. Looks like they’ll be right in that 9-10 win range again. This team has the ability to win 12 or 13 if they didn’t shoot themselves in the foot once a month.

17. Green Bay Packers.
Unforgivable loss Sunday.

18. Miami Dolphins.
Their WRs can’t catch a ball to save their lives. Three of their 5 losses are because guys like Ginn, Camarillo and Bess either can’t catch in crunch time or make boneheaded decisions that cost them crucial yardage late in games.

19. Carolina Panthers.
Have they awakened?

20. San Francisco 49ers.
Hard to understand all of their losses aside from the Minnesota game.

21. Chicago Bears.

22. Jacksonville Jaguars.
Wagering nightmares.

23. Tennessee Titans.
Too bad Jeff Fisher STUBBORNLY stuck with Kerry Collins when ALL Giants fans warned that this very thing would happen with that team if Collins began the season as the starter. WE KNOW. We had it happen in 2001.

24. Buffalo Bills.

25. Seattle Seahawks.
The Seabags are ridiculously overrated and people still expecting them to win 10 games entering this season were drunk.

26. Oakland Raiders.
What is their plan?

27. Washington Redskins.
Their season will officially end after Week 11.

28. Kansas City Chiefs.
Larry Johnson = EWING THEORY.

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
Showed some moxie Sunday for the first time all season.

30. Detroit Lions.
They had a chance to win 6 games this year. The bottom fell out once October began.

31. St. Louis Rams.
They’re actually fighting to win now.

32. Clevelands Browns.
A complete and UTTER train wreck in every facet.


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