The State Of The New York Football Giants

The State Of The New York Football Giants
M.D. Wright

If you think we’re going to win the division or make the playoffs (especially if we don’t beat Atlanta, which will be the team looking for the last wild card slot most likely)…

…nah, we’re done. If we somehow win the division, it will be because we have the Skins and a Vikings team that will be resting their starters late. I honestly think it will take 11 wins to win the division and with the way we play, we won’t even win 10.

I’m going to tell you why. When teams slump, they have answers to fix it. Usually, it’s because 1-3 guys are hurt for a few weeks, maybe one is out for the season. Maybe it’s because of schematics.

However, that’s not the issue here. … Read More

Cris Carter or one of those guys on ESPN made a great point (which is rare) there are problems that the Giants have that WON’T GET FIXED THIS YEAR.

1. We REALLY miss Kenny Phillips more than Giants haters, casual fans and even some Giants fans figured we would. I knew we would miss him ENORMOUSLY.

2. Our offensive line scheme has been atrocious in the running game. We’re getting manhandled like the Falcons offensive line. We, on numerous occasions, have been unable to convert 3rd and 1s with a 265-lb running back. Our linemen are getting pushed around and manhandled in both the running AND passing game. Out of everything, that’s the ONE thing that possibly COULD be fixed.

3. The defensive line can’t get consistent pressure. We get there, but don’t get the sack. We get there, and maybe strip the ball — but don’t get the recovery (that has happened a half dozen times this season by my count and each time we DIDN’T get the recovery, the team went down and scored DEAR GOD). We get there, as we did with Rivers today, and hang all over him and he still makes a throw to a WIDE OPEN player, which leads to my other point:

4. Our linebackers are ridiculously flawed. Clark can’t cover downfield. I like him as a person, he’s a good dude, and he has a good skill set, but he’s good in run support. I have seen him on far too many occasions trailing plays downfield and out of position to make a play on his man. We are a SIEVE across the middle of the field. Pierce is a fatass and can’t run anymore. It’s outrageous how he is still starting. We definitely need to be eyeing a Mike in the draft or free agency. Boley, with all his speed, CAN’T stay healthy.

5. The cumulative effect of the defensive issues in the front seven leads to our already severely depleted secondary who can’t cover for SHIT to be compromised further. Evidenced again by the final drive of the game when the Chargers went RIGHT DOWN THE FIELD with no resistance whatsoever. Even guys like Corey Webster, who is a Top 5 CB are being made to look foolish because they can’t get to the QB when they blitz up front.

We’re not getting Phillips back this year, obviously (and what confounds me more and more every time we get beat deep — which is a half dozen times a game — is the fact that he was able to play. His knee was arthritic, but they forced him to go on IR; he had played two GREAT games so obviously he was fine with playing through the pain). Canty just finally played today, but was a non-factor. Same with Boley. Whenever Ross DOES come back (who stays out almost 3 months with a hamstring unless it’s torn? I’ve never seen that before) he’s going to be rusty. We can’t stop anyone when we need to.

We can’t convert short yardage. We can’t protect Eli and our special teams has me AGHAST on both sides of it every week. Hixon is WORTHLESS to this team. He doesn’t run routes properly, nor does he make adjustments with the ball in mid-air. He doesn’t do anything in the return game. We just have terrible decision-makers outside of Coughlin. Gilbride has caused several coronaries and strokes by some Giants fans I’m sure, since 2005. Every week he finds a new way to hold this team back and cost us games when we lose (all but maybe 5 or 6 losses since 2006 can be attributed to Gilbride’s awful play-calling which leaves 10-20 points on the field on the average every game). Bill Sheridan can’t decide when to blitz and when to fall back and play zone. Every week he gets outcoached. We really miss Spags, and I was one of the few people who was saying he was going to regret taking that job. The Rams aren’t going anywhere in the next 3-4 years. By then, he’ll be fired and be looking to be someone ELSE’S Defensive Coordinator. He should’ve stayed here, worked his magnificent scheme and succeeded Coughlin once he burns out and gets sick and tired of boneheaded players (112 yards in penalties today???) because I know I’d probably have a stroke and die on the field if I was coaching this team right now.


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