NFL Week 9 Powre Rankings

NFL Week 9 Powre Rankings
M.D. Wright

Hit ‘n’ Run version this week — I’m VERY busy with training at work for the next week and a half, but you already know who the best teams in the NFL are, who the worst are, and who are just jockeying for last wild cards and draft positioning erstwhile.

1. Indianapolis Colts.
Again, P. Manning > Brees. PERIOD.

2. New Orleans Saints.
They do it all, score better than anyone, play defense just as well as anyone and that will matter later in the season.

3. Minnesota Vikings.
Won’t call the Pittsburgh game a fluke, because their coach gets in his own way or else they’d go 15-1 easily.

4. Cincinnati Bengals.
When teams show you who they are… BE-LIEVE THEM.

5. Dallas Cowboys.
They’ve done what they were supposed to the past three games. I’m convinced they are good. Stay out of the spotlight and you can win games ROMO.

6. New England Patriots.
Real test coming up against New Orleans. I honestly don’t think they’re up to it, but hey, if they win that game, the rest of the NFL will be on notice.

7. Philadelphia Eagles.
Cannot forgive them for losing to the Raiders unless they win the Super Bowl.

8. Pittsburgh Steelers.
Ditto with them and their losses.

9. Denver Broncos.

10. Baltimore Ravens.
Better than their 4-3 record. Lost all three games in the last possession. That’s EXTREMELY hard to do.

11. Arizona Cardinals.
Stunk up the joint royally after losing to an abysmal Panther team.

12. Houston Texans.
People better recognize: I KNOW FOOTBALL. I said this team would win 11 or 12 games and they’re on pace to do just that not including the first three games.

13. San Diego Chargers.
Can they put two straight games together against the Giants this week coming off a bye?

14. New York Giants.
Smarting going into the Charger game and then a bye. Should be able to run the ball with ease against this unit — and pass as well. However, Rivers will be able to pass all day as well. The Giants need to right their ship during the bye because they look worse than the Washington Redskins right now.

15. Green Bay Packers.
Aaron Rodgers doing his best 2002 David Carr Impersonation.

16. Atlanta Falcons.
FRAUDS. And they will catch a serious beatdown in a couple of weeks to prove it.

17. New York Jets.
Got their slump out of the way early rather than late. I think they’ll be fine the rest of the way with the best rushing attack in the AFC.

18. Chicago Bears.

19. San Francisco 49ers.
Not sure what’s up with them lately.

20. Miami Dolphins.
A 3-4 team, which wins when I NEED them to lose and loses when I need them to win. Furthermore why I hate them…

21. Jacksonville Jaguars.

22. Carolina Panthers.
Despite 2 wins lately,


23. Buffalo Bills.
What is that SMELL???

24. Seattle Seahawks.
The Seabags have been overrated for a decade, who really saw them being any better than 2-5 at the halfway point?

25. Washington Redskins.

26. Oakland Raiders.
I see so much potential there, but they have clueless coaches who spend more time beating on each other and their wives.

27. Kansas City Chiefs.
I’m still waiting for them to finally turn the corner with all that talent they have.

28. Tennessee Titans.
So they finally “won” a game against the SCHIZOPHRENIC Jaguars.

29. Detroit Lions.

30. St. Louis Rams.
Steven Jackson and run for cover.

31. Cleveland Browns.
…………………………………………………………………. (all season)

32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


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