Care Gifts

Care Gifts
M.D. Wright

Some of you have asked what’s really good lately. This quarter is supposed to be mine, and it’s starting to look that way. I’ve had a half dozen interviews this month, along with the drop on a temporary position and passing Phase 1 for the FBI. Regarding the FBI, I just have to pass the physical and the polygraph test and it would be on to Base Quantico down in Virginia for 4 months. But we’re getting ahead of themselves.

Most of you know I have been trying to move and get my own apartment back over in Manhattan. Staten Island is good for what it is, but too much of what I have going on is in the city and Harlem is always going to be near and dear to me, so I’d prefer to be over there.

With respect to care gifts, again, most of you know I graduated in May 2009 and still looking for employment. A couple of people have reached out and some of my older relatives have written me letters and I’ve reciprocated. I know some of you have not seen me in many years, or since graduation, but if you need my address to send me care packages, it is as follows:

Michael D. Wright
428 Grandview Avenue
Staten Island, New York 10303

May God Bless


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