NFL Week 4 Powre Rankings

NFL Week 4 Powre Rankings
M.D. Wright

1. New York Football Giants.

Best defense in the NFC, best offensive line and running game in football. 3-0 and solely looking to get/remain healthy once the divisional games resume.

2. New York Football Jets.

Surrendered 33 points in 3 games and looking very tough doing so (on both sides of the ball). A couple of lapses in the first half vs. TEN, but overall the best team in the AFC.

3. Indianapolis Colts.

They haven’t missed a beat after all.

4. Baltimore Ravens.

It took them a decade, but their offence can finally score. However now their defence is giving up more points per game than it has all decade.

5. Minnesota Vikings.

They are doing as they should.

6. New Orleans Saints.

Their first real test comes Week 4 vs. NYJ after lighting up the scoreboard on weak defences such as BUF, PHI and DET.

7. San Diego Chargers.

Norv is skating on thin ice.

8. Denver Broncos.

I hate rating them this high, because we know they will finish .500 again, but hey… they ARE 3-0, no matter how you slice it.

9. Green Bay Packers.

I still feel like there is a huge hole in that scheme they are running on defence.

10. Dallas Cowboys.

They aren’t explosive as people think they are on offence — and definitely not enough to win the NFC East.

11. Philadelphia Eagles.

Same with them — only in reference to their DEFENCE. They have offence for days.

12. Chicago Bears.


13. Cincinnati Bengals.


14. Arizona Cardinals.

Kurt always starts slow, but they have big problems on both sides of the ball if they can’t get the ball to two Pro Bowl WRs and a very good slot guy in Breaston when they need plays.

15. New England Patriots.

They won 26-10 on Sunday, but it against an unspectacular, but solid Atlanta team that never has traveled well. I’m not impressed.

16. Atlanta Falcons.

Never have traveled well. Looked flat all game against an average defence.

17. Houston Texans.

Took a huge step back losing to that hapless Jacksonville team. Questions about their defence continue to linger.

18. San Francisco 49ers.

Not punishing them for the loss because they did pretty much dominate the game vs. MIN — however, they prove they need Gore or they have no running game.

19. Pittsburgh Steelers.

Two VERY BAD losses in a row.

20. Seattle Seahawks.

They showed me something (other than they can’t make FGs that matter) Sunday.

21. Tennessee Titans.

Can’t knock them down too far for losing to the best team in the conference (and two straight to the Jets at that).

22. Buffalo Bills.

Held the explosive Saints to 20 points for most of the game.

23. Miami Dolphins.

We’ll see where they go now that Chad is out for the year. They have major time management issues.

24. Detroit Lions.

They are making strides. I called the Washington game.

25. Oakland Raiders.

Russell is not cut out to be in the NFL. The sooner the Raiders realize this and cut their losses (i.e. all that guaranteed money), the sooner they can begin to rebuild.

26. Carolina Panthers.

They look awful on the offensive side of the ball.

27. Jacksonville Jaguars.

Hey, they held the Texans to 24.

28. Washington Redskins.

Called the loss to the Lions. The Jim Zorn Watch continues…

29. Cleveland Browns.


30. Kansas City Chiefs.

They can’t run the ball. Larry Johnson is gonna want to kill someone when he’s 45 and out of football; realizing he wasted his prime years in KC beating women, acting like a pure nigga at times and on some of the worst football teams in history when he could’ve been better.

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

86 total yards Sunday. Granted, the best defence in football held them, but nonetheless: YIKES.

32. St. Louis Rams.

I just feel bad for my dude Spags out there. They’re not coming out of this cellar ANYTIME soon. And I mean a couple of YEARS, not games.


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