NFL Powre Rankings: Week 3

NFL Powre Rankings: Week 3
M.D. Wright

Well, there was a big shakeup in the Top 10 this week, a few top teams lost or came very close to doing so to weaker opponents. This week’s rankings will reflect such.

1. New York Football Giants. Yes, Kenny Phillips was just pronounced out for the rest of the season with Patellaosteoarthritis. Yes, Tuck is out. Yes, Ross and Dockery are out. But Eli is actually WINNING games for the Giants now instead of just avoiding killer mistakes. Still the best team in the NFL top to bottom after the Steelers’ mind-boggling loss to the bumbling Bears.

2. New York Jets. The Jets are the best team in the AFC. With a ROOKIE QB. I will not allow for discussion on this one. Look at their defence. Revis is the best CB in football (at the very least, in a tie with Nnamdi Asomugha).

3. Baltimore Ravens. I have picked them since training camp to represent the AFC — may have to come off it if the Jets are for real all season. But the Ravens are getting it in; even if they’ve given up more points in two games (50) than they used to in their hey day defensively in FIVE games. However, they can FINALLY SCORE ON OFFENCE.

4. Indianapolis Colts. Just another day at the office (once he actually had the BALL) for Peyton on Monday night. Much closer than the game should’ve been, but the Colts are getting it done, even with key players out.

5. New Orleans Saints. As I have to constantly remind people, this isn’t a projection of where teams will END this season — just where they are right now with the way they’re playing. No one can stop the Saints’ offence.

6. Minnesota Vikings. It’s all Peterson (who’s somewhat “slowed” with a back) and the defence, BUT Favre isn’t making mistakes… yet.

7. Atlanta Falcons. Can’t ignore them. They play solid football and DON’T MAKE MISTAKES.

8. Pittsburgh Steelers. They may miss Polamalu more than they realize. The Bears are not exactly the Saints or Giants offensively dear god.

9. San Francisco 49ers. Imagine how good they will be when Crabtree gets his head out of his ass and joins the team?

10. Houston Texans. Finally played semi up-to-par vs. Tennessee. Still expecting 11 wins from them.

11. Arizona Cardinals. Ditto.

12. Philadelphia Eagles. Jeff Chadiha doesn’t see a problem with an injured McNabb, an old Garcia, a still-unproven Kolb and pot-pourri Vick. This team could go from a 10 win team to 7 wins very quickly, especially since their defence can’t stop the higher scoring teams (two of which are in their division) in the NFC.

13. Dallas Cowboys. They’ll be here all season — and that means (if you’re good at math) barely missing the playoffs with a 9-7 record.

14. San Diego Chargers. The Baltimore game wasn’t as disturbing as the Oakland one was.

15. New England Patriots. Stories of worry about the Giants’ WR situation were overblown, stories of the Patriots unraveling (which they are, regardless if their bandwagon fans want to admit it or not) are UNDERBLOWN. They should be 0-2 except for a once-a-decade comeback fueled by a once-a-decade mistake by Buffalo.

16. Green Bay Packers. Their defence still has a long way to go. Rodgers will pass for 4,000 again but it won’t do any good if they can’t stop anyone when it matters. Cincinnati? Really?

17. Denver Broncos. Ugliest, most uninspiring 2-0 start I’ve ever seen. I still only see them winning 6 or 7.

18. Tennessee Titans. Told you so.

19. Chicago Bears. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

20. Cincinnati Bengals. They would be 2-0 if not for an all-time fluky play by Denver Week 1. Still don’t know if Ocho Cinco cares more about winning versus stunts with fans.

21. Buffalo Bills. They are a solid, if unspectacular team.

22. Oakland Raiders. Just think, if they had a semi-competent QB… They can run the ball with the best of ’em and have arguably the best corner in the league (Asomugha — tied with the aforementioned Revis; with the Giants’ Webster a close 2nd behind them).

23. Miami Dolphins. Terrible clock management, poor playcalling + wildcat = .500 team.

24. Seattle Seahawks. If Hasselbeck can’t go, not only will it kill their NFC West hopes, but my fantasy squad.

25. Washington Redskins. The Zorn Watch is in full swing.

26. Carolina Panthers. They’re a mess, and it’s not all Delhomme.

27. Jacksonville Jaguars. Do they even have a plan there?

28. Cleveland Browns. Then again, they AREN’T looking any better from last year, despite the inspiring finish.

29. Kansas City Chiefs. They’re improving, even if they are 0-2. Too many turnovers at the absolute worst times have killed them in both losses.

30. Detroit Lions. They’re making strides. Even if they’re minute.

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Leftwich’s body language after mistakes (both by his teammates and his own part) is disturbing. He will be benched by Week 6 at this rate and Morris is looking at a one and done season because this team looks absolutely dreadful on both sides. They’re like a rudderless ship in calm waters.

32. St. Louis Rams. WHAT A JOKE OF A TEAM.


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