NFL Week 2: Powre Rankings

NFL Week 2: Powre Rankings
M.D. Wright

Okay, so there were a couple of surprises, upsets and a couple of NEAR upsets (Leodis McKelvin, I suggest you move ha), but there isn’t typically that much movement in the rankings. I will make some changes however, because there are some teams who were overhyped going into this season.

1. Pittsburgh Steelers.
Ugly “win” last week. They should’ve lost, but again, until they actually lose a game, I cannot put anyone above them, plain and simple. They will miss Polamalu; system or not. They better rectify that 1.7 YPG on the ground situation with Not-So-Fast-Anymore Willie Parker. He’s my dude, but they aren’t going to win with Big Ben passing for 300+ yards and holding the ball too long.

2. New York Football Giants.
Didn’t prove much beating a Washington team in disarray and unable to get out of its own way, but the much ballyhooed WRs corps stepped up (as expected by those who actually WATCHED the team in preseason and in camp) and made plays all day. Smith, Manningham, Hixon, etc. And The Boss did his thing with big catches at TE. The defense was solid — gave up a couple of big plays that they normally wouldn’t have. However, Corey Webster is a Pro Bowler and Aaron Ross was out — when he comes back, no one will pass on the Giants. Toughest team in the NFL, best offensive line, best running game top to bottom, best defense and again, you have the best team in the NFC.

3. Baltimore Ravens.
They aren’t quite what I thought they were defensively thus far, but that could change. They CAN score, however. Not just overreacting to a rare 38 point output vs. a hapless Kansas City team, but they can do what they want to do on both sides of the ball. That’s what you want, right?

4. Green Bay Packers.
They are for real. Rodgers shouldn’t have surprised REAL football analysts last year and when he repeats (and improves upon) what he did last year this season, you shouldn’t be, either. Their defense is better, too.

Then again, they were playing the overrated, overhyped, no-personnel Bears Monday.

5. Minnesota Vikings.
On the strength of the best RB in football and pretty much nothing else other than the opportunistic defence.

And yes, that was a swipe at Favre.

6. San Diego Chargers.
They looked sloppy against the Raiders, but this decade they (on the way to sweeping the Raiders the past 6 seasons) win one game by sleepwalking for 3 1/2 quarters and winning late and then blowing them out in the other game. So the blowout will come later. In short, that game was expected, but truthfully, no one in that division should present the Chargers with a serious problem.

7. Philadelphia Eagles.
Can’t read too much into Sunday’s game. Jake Delhomme proved why he never belonged in the NFL before the Panthers took a flyer on him. Will McNabb’s injury open up the door to a QB “controversy”? You have to like what they have in the backfield and at WR, but that defence doesn’t scare me.

8. Indianapolis Colts.
Under the radar this past week, but don’t sleep on them. Even if young Gonzalez will be out for a month or so.

9. New England Patriots.
Should’ve lost to Buffalo, and they WILL lose to the Jets.

10. Atlanta Falcons.
Did what they had to do Sunday and they don’t move in the rankings.

11. Tennessee Titans.
And so it begins, Collins doing what he did after having a very strong season the last time he started and led a team deep (2000 Giants).

12. Carolina Panthers.
Can’t take too much from the loss, unless they refuse to do something about Delhomme.

13. New York Jets.
They’re gonna jump 6 more spots when they beat the Patriots. BOTH New York teams played like monsters this past weekend but we didn’t hear about it because of ESPN’s obsession with Favre and the snoozefest between Green Bay and Chicago last week.

14. New Orleans Saints.
All world offence. But again, I have to see the defence every week or they’re gonna be a middling team again.

15. San Francisco 49ers.
They’re doing exactly what I thought they would — starting out by winning the close game(s) they lost last year and having that extra gear on both sides of the ball. Pat Willis is a MAYNE.

16. Dallas Cowboys.
We will see what they are made of Sunday. They can’t sleepwalk through an entire half like they did against the worst team in football last week.

17. Buffalo Bills.
They move up a slot for doing what they did for 57 minutes Monday night.

18. Houston Texans.
I call Sunday somewhat a fluke, plus they were playing the 2009 AFC East champions. I think they’ll bounce back (and finally get Andre Johnson the ball).

19. Arizona Cardinals.
Kurt has looked rusty throughout preseason and Sunday. Couldn’t get the ball to Fitzgerald NOR Boldin when it mattered in the closing minutes vs. SF.

20. Seattle Seahawks.
They won, but who cares?

21. Miami Dolphins.
They’re going to be a .500 team so this spot will be familiar to them all year.

22. Kansas City Chiefs.
They’re not that bad this year. They hung with the Ravens for most of the game.

23. Cincinnati Bengals.
They look somewhat improved, but a 7-9 team in the making. Season-killing ending on Sunday, potentially. We will see how they rebound.

24. Washington Redskins.
GOOD HEAVENS they are a mess.

25. Chicago Bears.

26. Jacksonville Jaguars.
Del Rio better have his bags packed come New Year’s Eve.

27. Denver Broncos.
They win, but does anyone really feel like they did?

28. Cleveland Browns.
No direction, awful coach. Trade Edwards already (to the Giants) and get it over with.

29. Oakland Raiders.
The Raiders were buried at 32 because of the nonsense going on with their coaches, not so much the team. The running game has been strong the past few years and the defence looked very good against one of the best offences in the NFL Monday night.

30. Detroit Lions.
Stafford did as expected (messy) but they moved the ball well against the Saints.

31. St. Louis Rams.

32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
Yuck. Morris will be one and done without a miracle.


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