M.D. Wright’s Power Rankings: Week 1

M.D. Wright’s Power Rankings: Week 1
M.D. Wright

Save all the BS, you know what it is. Let’s get it poppin’. I don’t care about names and stars, I care about teams that get it done on BOTH SIDES OF THE BALL. As always, I’m objective with these.

1. Pittsburgh Steelers.
They’re the champs and default #1 until they are beaten.

2. New York Football Giants.
The class of the NFC. And Eli will make people forget about the fact that Burress and Toomer took 90% of the WR’s starts with them when they departed the team. Giants will score 27 PPG just the same with the best offensive line and rushing attack top to bottom in the NFC. Along with the best defence in the NFC, and well, you have the best team in the NFC.

3. Tennessee Titans.
The Titans have most of their same players. Will they miss Haynesworth? It doesn’t appear thus far. But the bigger question is will Collins revert back to the old Collins? If not, the Titans will be RIGHT THERE this year.

4. San Diego Chargers.
They play in the weakest division in football. That’s almost guaranteed 6 wins right there. Combined with a soft non-conference and mild intra-conference sked, and they SHOULD win 12 or 13 this year.

5. Minnesota Vikings.
They were going to be a 10 or 11 win team regardless of Favre’s BS. The only question with Favre is will he lead them to the Promised Land. Yours Truly says NO because 1) he will falter late like last year and 2) Favre, even if he is healthy in the playoffs, is FAVRE. Their season will end with a Favre INT. But AD will have close to 2,000 yards rushing and make it look easy in the process.

6. New England Patriots.
Tons of points on offence, tons of points surrendered on defence. Good for 11 or 12 wins and a first round playoff exit. Yes, I’m saying that NOW.

7. Indianapolis Colts.
The Colts don’t seem to be missing Harrison much. Truth is, Wayne surpassed him as the team’s 1 WR two years ago. But they still need to prove they can hold up defensively. Bob Sanders’ annual ritual of missing all or part of a third of the team’s games has to stop. They are clearly better with him than when he’s out.

8. Baltimore Ravens.
Sleepers. Depends on Flacco though. The defense is still as good as ever.

9. Philadelphia Eagles.
Please point out to me what all the fuss is about? They will score tons of points on offence if McNabb doesn’t have another one of those seasons he had a few years ago when they were poised to repeat Super Bowl bids. But they will severely miss old man Jim Johnson (RIP) and their defence SUCKS. They lost Stewart Bradley for the year and their secondary can’t cover anyone. What’s this about them winning the NFC East?

10. Atlanta Falcons.
They have everything in place to be good. But their defence has to show up 16 games.

11. Carolina Panthers.
Defence is missing that punch it once had. Peppers doesn’t care, Gamble, while effective, gets burned and trucked (Bradshaw) just as much as he covers. They only have Jon Beason as consistent playmakers go.

12. Green Bay Packers.
Ranked lower than Minnesota because they have to prove they can run the ball to counter Rodgers’ guaranteed 4,200 yard/30+ TD repeat from last season. However, they will be right there for winning the division.

13. Arizona Cardinals.
Curds fans should be nervous. Preseason means nothing unless there are glaring holes that never seem to be rectified. Will they miss Haley? Did they shore up their holes for REAL on defence? We shall see. They will score 27 PPG like last year however. That’s good for at least 9 wins in the NFC West.

14. Dallas Cowboys.
No real threats at WR. Serviceable guys. They (Witten) will miss T.O. and the double teams he had. Witten can kiss goodbye to those 90 catch seasons. With no real playmakers at WR, why are people so high on them? They have Ware (best DE/OLB in football) on defence, but what else?

15. Houston Texans.
I’ve predicted two straight years they’d win 11 or 12. They can score with the best of ’em, but can they DEFEND? Adrian Peterson scorched them for a 75 yard run on the VERY FIRST PLAY OF THE GAME last week. Typical Texans defence. Schaub MUST stay healthy, or they’ll be .500 again.

16. New York Football Jets.
I can’t go crazy about Sanchez yet. But they have All World Leon Washington FROM ____________?!?! and a stout defense. Will Thomas Jones lose a step, however?

17. New Orleans Saints.
All world offensively. Will their defense FINALLY stay healthy and catch up?

18. Buffalo Bills.
They will be better.

19. Washington Redskins.
You would think finally all of Snyder’s efforts to be a Young Steinbrenner would pay off. Haynesworth?

20. Miami Dolphins.
Fall back, baby. Dick Barnett Style.

21. Chicago Bears.
I don’t get the fuss. Cutler can throw the hell outta the ball. But he has no real WRs and their defense is old and creaky. .500 team. MAX.

22. Seattle Seahawks.
I just do not trust them. Their defense sucks. MATTHEW, as he prefers to be called, will be healthy, though.

23. San Francisco 49ers.
I actually have them winning 10 TENTATIVELY. Crabtree has to grasp the offense quickly and know something that none of us know or else they’re going to be .500 again.

24. Cleveland Browns.
If they keep Quinn upright, they will be better. But not more than 7 wins for this bunch. They will trade Edwards to the Giants for Kiwanuka and a 2nd.

25. Cincinnati Bengals.
Chad OchoCinco needs to worry less about Twitter and more about staying healthy and WINNING GAMES.

26. Jacksonville Jaguars.

27. Kansas City Chiefs.
They will make strides, but how much can they do with a ton of unproven talent?

28. Denver Broncos.

29. Detroit Lions.
I have them winning 5 or 6 games. Stafford is a joke, but they are a punchy bunch.

30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
This team is a train wreck.

31. St. Louis Rams.
Bulger is already hurt, sense a theme? Steven Jackson will want out by Week 5.

32. Oakland Raiders.


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