Killa Season: Underrated Comedy

Killa Season: Underrated Comedy
M.D. Wright

Man, I LOVED Killa Season (2006) when it first came out. You don’t have to be *ehem* under the proverbial influence to enjoy it, but I (hear) that it’s 100 times funnier if you are. Nonetheless, I loved it. I still watch it to this day and the “movie” (looks like an extended music video, actually — and low budget in typical Cam’ron fashion ha) has tons of quotables and funny scenes. I’m devoting this small post to those funny sections. Again, it has high repeat value and I’m VERY MUCH looking forward to Killa Season II (supposedly dropping later in 2009).

The INTRO (Cam is the king of Intros on his music albums, and now the Intro to Killa Season: The Movie is a classic) is hilarious. Check it out here: . I have no words. I’m too busy dying laughing.

This scene is funny and GREAT, not because of acting, but because this is REALLY how the hood is in Harlem. Especially in the summer. I wish people would appreciate it for what it is and nothing more. .

Hell Rell made this movie infinitely funnier with his scenes HA: .

This part of the movie was hilarious, too: “Hey nigga, you gotta go to your grandfather’s funeral… c’mon bwoy, get yer ass up!”… “Take de dom jullery off!” .

THE ABSOLUTE FUNNIEST PART (aside from when Cam spat on the little girl as “retribution”) — “WHAT’S POPPIN’ B???” .

Go cop it and give it an honest watch. You won’t be disappointed.


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