Michael Vick

Michael Vick
M.D. Wright

Listen, I’m sick and tired of people condemning people for the things they do. Especially in Vick’s case.
As a noted dog LOVER, you know I love dogs, but dear God, He values HUMAN LIFE over animals — even though He gave us animals to care for and such.

However, for those people out there who, when asked in polls, what the NFL should do with Michael Vick claim that:

62% think the NFL should re-instate him.
15% think the NFL should ban him for life.
23% are either indifferent or he should be banned for this year.

The 15% who thinks he should be banned for life for killing dogs — if they have children, I want to kick them in their f’n head and stomp on their testicles, because let’s be serious. There are MURDERERS in the NFL who never missed a game for doing so. And yes, Leonard Little, Ray Lewis, Adam Jones, I’m talking about YOU. There are actually people who think that now that Vick has TRULY paid (excessive IMO, losing all of his money, his houses, cars and endorsements and two years off his prime years in his career — which should’ve only been six months at MOST) his debt to society that he doesn’t deserve a chance to ply his wares — I want cameras to follow everything they do for the rest of their lives. The minute they do something reprehensible, I want them banned from their jobs, churches and banned from Western Civilization. Throw them in prison for 10 years and take away everything they worked for up until that point.

I’m sick of overly judgmental and condemning people.


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