Graduation: What Does It All Mean In 2009?

Graduation: What Does It All Mean In 2009?
M.D. Wright

Graduation is an exhilarating experience for anyone. For some, they are just glad to be done with an undergraduate degree. For others, they are proud and ecstatic, but at the same time, they know they are pursuing further education (personally, I am an academic for life) and yet others are expecting to find jobs waiting for them (or expected to have one sewn up prior to graduation and have not… yet) and are nervous because of the current economy/hiring practices of businesses in 2009.

I refuse to worry or fret. God has had my back for the past three years. No jokes. I haven’t always been faithful or done right — and I have no problem admitting to being a screw up at times — but I don’t worry about whether or not God is looking out for me. Before coming back to UNCG, I was making very good money, had everything with respect to material possessions and was able to pretty much do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. People who did not know me prior to 2006 do not know that; those who did, do know.

That all changed in 2006, when the demands on school and the failure of my businesses caused me to have to surrender EVERYTHING (including my way of doing things and trusting God FOR REAL, for real). So when it comes to post-graduate plans, that’s really the deal. I’m applying to 15-20 FEDERAL JOBS — those who have done KSAs for those know that is a monumental task.

Given that I am planning to get my Masters (either in Business Administration in some capacity or an MS in Journalism), Juris Doctorate and Ph.D., I am not exhaling. Sure, I am excited and happy about short-term prospects, and I always live in the moment, so I am trying to celebrate this for the next month or so ha. But in reality, I’m really reflective right now. I’ve come a long way like Virginia Slims. I’ve had to cut a LOT of people off — some of whom posed as friends, but set me up for a fall(s), laughed when I was going through the worst in 2007 and 2008 and don’t realize what they are bringing on themselves for doing so.

Nonetheless, here are my short-term plans:

The fact that none of my friends live in Greensboro and, while I’ve lived here longer than any other city I’ve lived in, this is not “home” for me. I have no ties here outside of my parents and a couple of relatives who are not even originally from here. I’m heading back to New York for good. I should correct myself, though. I do have friends in Greensboro, some aren’t graduates yet, and I rarely see them or get a chance to hang with them. But I’ve got to move on. There are no jobs here and I have to reclaim my spot.

I’m going to head to New York on June 5. Hopefully, my friend’s summer camp gig comes through as expected and I’ll just chill on Staten Island this summer. Yes, I will definitely be in Harlem (you already know) every week just because…. well, I’m supposed to. I’ll be out in Jersey quite a bit also. I’ll be going to shows at the Garden, Yankee games, Met games, free concerts by quality artists out in Brooklyn and in the various different parks in the city, TNThursdays at Nevada’s down in the East Village, heading upstate to see some friends and relatives, Connecticut a few times and Massachusetts and DEFINITELY out to Montauk to fish (Kyle, we’re gonna be “on a boat”). All the while, I will be continuing to apply for federal jobs. If nothing comes through, I will begin my Masters’ studies this fall full-time. Depending on how my real estate buddies work things out, I’ll be moving into my own place (finally) in Harlem either down near Mt. Morris Park or up on the Hill or near City, in that general area. Either that or back out to Fort Greene where I also lived back in the day.

I have a few family gatherings that I am very excited about. My sister is heading back to Atlanta soon. If you’re doing REAL things in music or film, you need to talk to her. SERIOUSLY. I’ll shill for her for life. Not just because she’s my sister, but because she’s 10 times more talented than I am in music, film and the such like, and I’m no slouch.

We have a big family gathering at the roots of the tree down in Camden, NJ this July 4th. I’m looking forward to meeting some family members for the first time. Over/under that I’ll meet one that I’ve seen around either in NC, NJ or NY? 42:1. Watch. Ha. But anyway, I am looking forward to all of that.

I love how God separated me from people lately. It helped me to lean on Him more and reflect. To be sure, you really do find out who your friends are (and realize that you only truly have 3-5 real ones at ANY one time at all stages of your life). The sooner you accept that as truth, the sooner you will get over people who show their asses and try to take you down on a regular basis.

I’m somewhat going to miss North Carolina, but my heart is always here — much like it has been in New York while I’ve been there. I’ll always be home in both places. But for now, and the next 15-20 years or so, I’ve got to be back to where I’m supposed to be.

Shouts to the following people — we’ve got some shenanigans to partake in this summer:

Young DK
Young Lee
Young Tom
Ms. Shay
Sister Alicia Wu
‘manita Chantal L.
Tiff B.
L. Boogie
Young Court Mitchell
My Cuz Prince
Nico Haze (whenever you finally come back to NY ha)
Raquel B. (will be in south Florida to beat your butt in Wii ha)
Mary1000, Mely down in PR
KOFI RA — I’m gonna be out there before August 15. It is my goal.
YOUNG RODE, we’re going to Disneyland.

If I left anyone off, get at me, I’m going to enjoy this summer HARDBODY (no homo).



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