Thoughts On The Swine Flu Epidemic (Potential Pandemic)

Thoughts On The Swine Flu Epidemic (Potential Pandemic)
M.D. Wright

My initial thoughts are always centered around HYGIENE. I know how pigs are processed and all, but SHEESH. How much does the FDA know (or play a role in) this spreading? What does the CDC and WHO know? Hmmm. I read a headline today that said “CDC prepares for Swine Flu in the U.S. as if it is a pandemic”.


Usually, as a cynic – when the government puts out ominous lines like that, I know things are worse than they’re letting on. And I’m not blaming the government organizations. Not in the least. I just know that they don’t want to cause mass hysteria by telling EVERYTHING that they know about the situation. It’s scary.

First of all, people in Mexico are falling ill like flies these days. I have a friend studying abroad down there. They’re out of school and relegated to living like people being quarantined from a leprosy outbreak. Dear God.

Now I am hearing they have found 30 plus cases in the US. And out of all places, two different boroughs in New York City (Bronx, Queens). Sheesh. Do I need to go back to New York, with the way stuff like this can easily spread with seemingly 1 billion people per square mile? LOL nah, I’m not going to let this SARS mess keep me from moving back. However two big issues here:

1. Even though this is a VIRUS, there is another trend at play here. I had to do some reading for my Biology class this weekend. One of the essays was regarding bacteria and anti-biotics. There has been a decline in production of new anti-biotics in the past 30 years; whereas there were dozens found between the 1930s and 1970s. Not only that, but they are being over prescribed, abused and used for purposes other than those for which they were prescribed. As a result of all this, anti-biotics have lost their effectiveness. Now, and in the future, these new bacterium and viruses are going to be resistant against these antibodies and anti viruses. We had better watch out and create more vaccines and such.

2. PEOPLE NEED TO WASH THEIR HANDS. I get so friggin’ tired of people sneezing in the kitchen when they’re cooking and not covering their mouths or going to another room to let that shit subside. And what has happened to people washing their hands? There used to be a time when you were petrified to have someone catch you leaving the bathroom without washing your hands. ESPECIALLY if you did so after losin’ weight. DEAR GOD. Guys are bold now. I can’t speak for women, but I’ve heard from my female friends that they’re just as nasty.

Everywhere I go, UNCG, public restrooms at ball games, professional companies for interviews and what not — it’s the same thing. Everyone thinks their stuff is clean, so they don’t wash their hands after fiddling with it (no homo) in the bathroom. SHEESH. WASH YOUR HANDS. The professionals at the CDC are saying that is the best way to combat Swine Flu (and everything else that is killing people — all because these nasty buzzards don’t want to take 10 seconds and wash fecal matter and smegma off their hands!)

If I see another guy casually blow up the bathroom while I’m in the stand-up urinal… look in the mirror, do the Jeff Hornacek to their face — NOT wash their hands, and walk out, I swear I’ll never give another handshake in my life. I already don’t shake hands with anyone who isn’t related to me or at least one of my boys or trusted acquaintance (I know some of them niggas don’t wash their hands, but hey, if I get sick off them, I know who to bludgeon). Now I’m gonna have to resort to wearing blue masks and giving everyone the fist pounds that Michael Jordan started in the mid 90s (and now everyone’s doing).


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