New York Football Giants – 2009 NFL Draft Roundup

New York Football Giants – 2009 NFL Draft Roundup
M.D. Wright

Here are my thoughts about the NFL Draft in 2009 for the New York Football Giants:

No wait. Really — he is. But instead of summarizing my thoughts with that line, I will not be a douche and will expound.

We addressed a lot of our holes either through this draft (or free agent pickups — i.e. the SS position), so here they are in order.

1. At #29 in the first round, the Giants selected WR Hakeem Nicks out of North Carolina. I had been high on this guy all year in 2008; especially during UNC’s Meineke Car Care Bowl game vs. West Virginia where he made this spectacular catch: Expected by Jerry. Great pick. Didn’t expect Nicks to fall this far, though. If we hadn’t gotten Nicks, I would’ve been after WR Kenny Britt (taken next by Tennessee) FROM?! Rutgers. Those guys came to my church out in New Jersey after their 11-2 season in 2007 ha. Britt’s a cool guy.

2. Our 2nd round pick was OLB Clint Sintim out of Virginia. I don’t know much about him; but again — I don’t need to know. Jerry Reese drafted him. He obviously will play strongside and shift over when Kiwanuka puts both hands on the ground. This guy is purported to be an animal. We need this. Chase Blackburn was a WASTE at strongside last year. With Boley at WLB, our weak link is now Pierce haaaaaaaa.

3. Our other 2nd round pick was used on an offensive lineman: William Beatty out of Connecticut. I know nothing about him. A value pick. We’re playing with the house’s money after getting this pick for Shockey last year. Fills a need for line depth.

4. Our first 3rd round pick was a DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH. WR Ramses Barden out of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (as me and my boy Tony used to mock back in high school: “CAL POLY SLOW”). This guy is 6’6″ 235 lbs. Sort of like Plaxico Burress minus the bad choices. He’s fast. He has glue for hands. Eli needs a tall player or he’ll throw 27 INTs this year. WE USED THE IGGLES OF ALL TEAMS TO LAND BARDEN. Holy Steven.

5. The other 3rd round pick was TE Travis Beckum out of Wisconsin. More value. We don’t even need a TE with THE BOSS and Michael Matthews out there, but any help we can get to add depth and a special teams player is good. House’s money with an extra 3rd round pick.

6. The 4th round pick was RB Andre Brown out of NC State. He’s a masher. I saw a little of this guy. Teams will walk away from Giants games this year with blood from their mouths after dealing with Jacobs and Brown (along with whiplash from watching Bradshaw run by them ha).

7. Rhett Bomar was the 5th round pick. We don’t need a QB. No risk here. We got this pick from New Orleans as compensation for them taking Shockey and his attitude off our hands. We now have Eli, Carr, Woodson and this Bomar at QB. Someone’s gotta go.

8. The last two picks were a 6th and 7th round tandem of CBs to add depth at the position and for special teams. DeAndre Wright (New Mexico) and Stoney Woodson (South Carolina); neither of whom I know anything about. But since I trust Jerry, our secondary is much better than it was last year; with MORE SPEED.

I’m completely satisfied.


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