When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong: Why You Lost, Miss California

When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong: Why You Lost, Miss California
(J. Albert, M.D. Wright)

As Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy said a couple of years ago, “WHERE ARE WE AT IN SOCIETY TODAY???” (watch at 2:22), I have to wonder the same thing after watching the first half and then the end of the Miss America contest the other night.

Most people know that the Miss California entrant, Carrie Prejean from San Diego was prompted (rather strategically, in my opinion, given that voters OVERTURNED and voted against Proposition 8 in California during the General Elections. This vote made it unconstitutional for gays and lesbians to marry and be recognized by the state. Of course “celebrity blogger (???)” Perez Hilton does not like this. He asks Carrie her thoughts here:

Watch —

She answered with her opinion. If you are going to ask someone a question, why expect them to give the politically correct answer — then when they DON’T, you villify them:



When did free speech become obsolete and virtually illegal? DEAR GOD.
I’m not surprised. That’s where this nation is right now, but sheesh.

I thought “Perez” didn’t take it so harshly that Carrie answered the question the way she did? It seems like he got pretty hot under the collar.
Listen, people can do what they want behind closed doors. If someone believes what is stated and clear in the Bible, then so be it. If we Christians must turn the other cheek and accept everything that is going on in this world, then so should those who may not like/accept Christian views when Christians assert their perspective.

People say Miss California didn’t lose the contest based upon that. Please. There was rampant booing when she answered the question. The judges even say that it swayed them negatively.

What made it worse is that the winner, ultimately, is an ASS. And where is she from? North Carolina. LAWDAMERRRSY.

Perez Hilton asked that question knowing 1) gay marriage would be put back in the public eye after six months of nothing but economic talk. He knew what he was doing. He knew that asking that particular contestant representing the most liberal state in the union would spark controversy 2) that by doing this, voting for Miss California ultimately would’ve gotten the judges, Trump and the pageant’s sponsors in hot water from “special interest groups”. This is what makes me upset about this whole “rights” issue. You have rights. HUMAN rights. Why bring that trash into an elegant pageant by mudslinging against someone that you KNOW is going to disagree with you?

I’m going to be sick.


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