Random Musings… February 2009

Random Musings… February 2009
M.D. Wright

This blog post is not going anywhere in particular. I do my best writing when I am upset, and I am VERY upset right now. So if this doesn’t make sense, I warned you from the outset that I was pissed to begin with and just rambling.

Is there ever a wonder — why, when conducting ELECTRONIC transactions that the party YOU’RE dealing with can get your money IMMEDIATELY, but when THEY have to turn around and repay you, it takes WEEKS (literally) to get the money back FROM them? I deposited $295 ($225 of that was a data entry error, but that’s not something I’m going to get into here, because I shouldn’t have even done it to begin with) into an account to “invest” in a “sure thing”. I hit the sure thing, but now when it comes time for me to get the money from THEM — it takes as long as it takes me to grow a full beard (darn near forever).

I am forever amused when I hear people (typically young slags) huddled up talking about other people. Hearing things such as “Who do SHE think she is?” or “He think is better than everyone else”. The latter kills me (softly). How do you know what is going on in the minds of someone you don’t know? Heck, if you’re that good, please give me the numbers for the NBA Finals NOW. Ha.

I hate being in classes with people who like to speak just have their voices heard. Shut up already. I mean, it’s one thing if you’re adding something substantive to the lecture/discussion at hand. I LOAF that. But in every one of my classes, there is at least one person who is annoying and asks 15 1,100 questions about a SIMPLE, straight-forward exam — eating away at our time. Shut up dear GOD.

I would love to go through one semester and have people NOT jerk me around for my money. I have spent the first half of every last one of the past seven semester bickering with the financial aid office, or selling major assets to douche bags who try to lowball me. I would love to know what it’s like to even be able to focus on school 80% of the time. My GPA would be half a point higher. I PROMISE.

I learned a long time ago about that 80/20 principle that Bishop T.D. Jakes initially made famous in the late 1990s (some people think Tyler Perry coined this, but Perry is friends with Jakes and got the concept from him). I subscribe to this personally. I will readily admit that before I was age 22, that while I knew about the principle, I never applied it. If you didn’t look like a supermodel, I didn’t pursue you. PERIOD (now that I have had experience with several of these supermodel-esque types and their ilk, I don’t care about looks much at all ha). If I’m attracted to her and it’s mutual, it’s onto the important things to me (i.e. non-physical). I’m not looking for someone to complete me, be something I’m not (in order to make me feel better) and so on.

I believe in the bait-and-hook theory as well: looks are the bait — think fishing — and her character, virtues and personality are the hook. Only a dumb or blind fish goes after a baitless hook (baitless hook = “WELP, she’s got a nice personality” — yeah right, TFOH!!!

The longer I am UNCG, the more I worry about Black people and our future dear God. First of all, I feel like I’m walking the halls at Smith again (most everyone knows me, but I’m not given to cliques, so I can associate with people FREELY without being beholden to others and getting nasty looks for “fraternizing with the enemy” me oh my).

I see more guys wearing scarves, tight pants, high heel boots and switching harder than half the girls here dear God. Isn’t the Black race on the verge of extinction at this rate? Sheesh. I don’t care what ANYONE has to say — if they take offence, FINE. Deal with it. I ain’t changing what I say in my blog to assuage that conviction in your heart. But dear God, can a man be a MAN anymore? I’m a man’s man. A renaissance man as well. But liking the arts and such — you kind of run into some “confused” bruvas. And it seems like one in every two Black dudes here is “confused”. Get me out of here and send me to Kuwait or something good heavens. I guess Biggie was right back in ’94 — “THINGS DONE CHANGED”.

This month is Black History alright. I’m Black and my bank account is looking like HISTORY lately. Grad school applications, moving expenses, regular bills, people wanting to get their kneecaps holding out paying me the money they owe me. Good Lord, university systems are a drain on a bruva’s stash. I just blew through 7 Gs since January 16th.


In other news, throughout all this madness, I’m on pace for a 3.8 semester. I don’t have to do too much out of my routine and thankfully loving to write actually helps me with my classes from now until I finish my JD and Ph.D studies down the line.


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