Status Is Everything

Status Is Everything
M.D. Wright

Let me tell you something. You can be a big, fat, ugly, crusty, purple something-or-another, but if you have money, fame, status and power, women will not care.

I look at some of these guys who are pulling women (read: mostly hoes) left and right — no matter the arena: pro sports, music industry, church, etc. and I had to wonder.

If you are always on TV as an athlete… or a rapper/R&B singer… or top flight actor… or a pastor in church, women view you as something to behold and want you for themselves; despite all the competition from women with like minds. It’s hilarious to watch it (especially in the face of women who swear up and down that it is not so).

Look at T.D. Jakes. Would he get a second look from ANYONE if he wasn’t who he was?

Or Dwyane Wade, who looks like he gets his arse beat at the bar every night before a game? Dude’s lip is busted and he has the Isiah Thomas eyebrow cuts; but when they “won” (refs STOLE) the NBA Title in 2006, chicks was throwing their panties at this guy. Dear God.

I almost wonder what it would be like if I were famous. I just hope I’m married to the GOD-ORDAINED WOMAN for me if it happens, because I’m definitely not chasing status. It makes women do crazy things.

What have you… (if you disagree).


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