Personal Update

Personal Update
M.D. Wright

Okay, I’m down to my last semester as an undergraduate student. I am elated because I am sick of school blocking me from doing the things I could be doing in those hours. I have so many business and residual income ventures in mind, but can never find the time nor capital to put them into action.

Now I will be able to — at least for three months starting May 16, 2009. Dear God.

I have six classes this semester, which sounds like a lot, but it’s not bad. 1) They’re not really difficult and I have had classes with all the professors except two. Five of the classes are Sociology and the other is Biology. Not bad at all. I just wish this whole car-buying, apartment-hunting, job-applying, law/masters-applying ordeal did not come with it. My life has been increasingly complex since the spring 2006 semester and I can’t even given any real time to homework and papers. Yikes.

Graduation is May 15, 2009. I may have to stay in Greensboro (good Lord) until the lease is up at whatever apartment complex I end up living in (July 31) and again, I need a job ASAP. A car is absolutely NECESSARY.

Anyone who has tabs on a Honda Accord for sale, please let me know.

More updates to come in the coming weeks.

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