ESPN’s NFL Week 17 Power Rankings

ESPN’s NFL Week 17 Power Rankings

1 (2) Titans 13-2-0 The Titans can play the underdog card all they like, but after beating the Steelers, they are the favorite to win the AFC Championship Game. (PK)
2 (4) Giants 12-3-0 The Giants ended their losing skid with a thrilling overtime win over the Panthers. The road to Tampa goes through East Rutherford, N.J. (MM)
3 (3) Panthers 11-4-0 The loss to the Giants cost the Panthers a shot at home-field advantage and exposed flaws in their run defense. But the Panthers still are among the best in the NFC. A No. 2 playoff seed might set up a big rematch in the Meadowlands. (PY)
4 (1) Steelers 11-4-0 A 17-point loss to the Titans showed there is still room for improvement. (JW)
5 (5) Colts 11-4-0 The Colts are waiting to see whether they’re going to Denver or San Diego on wild-card weekend. (PK)
6 (7) Ravens 10-5-0 If the Ravens reach the postseason, several teams will hope to avoid this physical group. (JW)
7 (8) Falcons 10-5-0 The big victory over Minnesota gives the Falcons momentum. They still have a shot at the NFC South title. How many teams are more dangerous than the Falcons heading into the playoffs? (PY)
8 (9) Patriots 10-5-0 No AFC East team is playing better, but the Pats still might not make the playoffs. (TG)
9 (11) Dolphins 10-5-0 All they have to do is beat the Jets to make the playoffs. (TG)
10 (6) Cowboys 9-6-0 This might be the luckiest team in the league. Let’s see whether the Cowboys can capitalize on their good fortune. (MM)
11 (12) Vikings 9-6-0 The Vikings remain in control of the NFC North. But can they capitalize? (KS)
12 (10) Buccaneers 9-6-0 After three straight losses, the Bucs need help if they’re to earn a playoff berth. Start the offseason overhaul now. (PY)
13 (16) Bears 9-6-0 This team is starting to seem blessed. (KS)
14 (14) Jets 9-6-0 That victory in Nashville seems like it was years ago. The Jets’ playoff hopes are dim. (TG)
15 (13) Eagles 8-6-1 You can’t trust this team. Andy Reid’s decision to abandon the run probably ended the Eagles’ season. (MM)
16 (21) Chargers 7-8-0 The Chargers owe the Bills a Christmas gift. (BW)
17 (19) Saints 8-7-0 The Saints still have a shot at a winning season and can drop Carolina’s playoff seed. But none of that really matters. (PY)
18 (20) Redskins 8-7-0 Good for Jim Zorn. The win over the Eagles proved he could rally his team while facing a lot of personal scrutiny. Let’s see whether the Redskins can build on this against a game 49ers team. (MM)
19 (15) Cardinals 8-7-0 The Cardinals are searching for the rip cord while rock bottom fast approaches. (MS)
20 (17) Broncos 8-7-0 The Broncos might become the second team in NFL history to blow a three-game lead in its division. (BW)
21 (18) Texans 7-8-0 If the Texans beat Chicago, they’ll finish 8-8 again and can at least say they haven’t gone backward. (PK)
22 (22) Bills 7-8-0 With the comeback road win over the Broncos, the Bills showed they won’t pack it in. (TG)
23 (24) 49ers 6-9-0 The defense has improved since committing to the 3-4 under Mike Singletary. (MS)
24 (25) Packers 5-10-0 Seven losses of four points or fewer don’t lift the sting of 5-10. (KS)
25 (23) Jaguars 5-10-0 How motivating do the Jaguars find the possibility of eliminating the Ravens from the playoff picture? (PK)
26 (27) Seahawks 4-11-0 The Seahawks hope to send a message for 2009 with a victory at Arizona. (MS)
27 (30) Raiders 4-11-0 It might not matter much at this point, but Oakland’s offense looked solid Sunday. (BW)
28 (26) Browns 4-11-0 Zero offensive touchdowns in five games. Need we say more? (JW)
29 (29) Bengals 3-11-1 The Bengals’ first winning streak of the season came way too late. (JW)
30 (28) Chiefs 2-13-0 At this point, what can be said? (BW)
31 (31) Rams 2-13-0 Organizational overhaul under way with president Jay Zygmunt’s firing. (MS)
32 (32) Lions 0-15-0 The Lions already made history at 0-15. Part II could come in Green Bay. (KS)


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