Major League Baseball Hot Stove

Major League Baseball Hot Stove
M.D. Wright

Wow… the Hot Stove has really been turned up on Super High this week. For days, we’ve been hearing about Jake Peavy moving to the Cubs (not “close” if reports are to believed), Kerry Wood to the Indians (not done yet), tons of speculation about where Mark Teixiera may land (remain in Anaheim? Baltimore? Warshington?), but two moves this week may finally start the dominoes to fall.

Francisco Rodriguez to the New York Mets and C.C. Sabathia to the New York Yankees.

I am not going to play Peter Gammons and analyze everything about these guys and what the teams are supposedly going to do. I’m going to speak solely on how it affects the rest of the free agent market. Besides, the Mets have other glaring holes (especially their bullpen) and the Yankees are creaky and iffy in the outfield all around and still need another above average starting pitcher (or three, if Pettitte leaves).

Now that Sabathia comes in with 7 years and $161 million, where does that leave the rest of the pitchers?

AJ Burnett has been offered 5 years and $80M by the Braves. The Yankees have offered the same number of years and more money.

Derek Lowe has been rumored to be high on the Yankees’ list. Nothing substantive as of yet. That may change now that the Sabathia Sweepstakes (who was really bidding against the Yankees? There wasn’t a sweepstakes) are over.

Manny Ramirez still looms.

Where is Huston Street heading?

Indeed, where is Teixiera heading? Which coast?

Is Peavy really going to the Cubs?

Why are the Red Sox conspicuously quiet? You’d think things are going to change with that soon.

The Baseball Hot Stove is heating up tremendously at the Owners’ Meetings. Things figure to pick up for the next 3-4 weeks and a flurry of moves should ensue. Attention will be palpable.


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