ESPN’s Week 15 Power Rankings

ESPN’s Week 15 Power Rankings

1 (2) Titans 12-1-0 They outscored the Lions and the Browns in the past two weeks by a cumulative score of 75-19. (PK)
2 (1) Giants 11-2-0 Tom Coughlin is great in these situations. Domenik Hixon will bounce back with big game against the Cowboys. (MM)
3 (3) Steelers 10-3-0 The Steelers are 16-5 in December games since 2004. That’s why they’re perennial threats come January. (JW)
4 (5) Panthers 10-3-0 The Panthers’ Monday night victory over Tampa Bay was huge for their NFC South title chances. The Panthers have a difficult schedule remaining, but also have the incentive of running the table to perhaps earn the No. 1 seed in the NFC. (PY)
5 (6) Colts 9-4-0 The Colts should remain in blowout mode for the next two weeks. (PK)
6 (4) Buccaneers 9-4-0 The loss to Carolina knocked the Bucs out of first place in the division and exposed their defensive flaws. Even a loss to Atlanta keeps the Bucs in the race because they finish with home games against San Diego and Oakland. (PY)
7 (10) Ravens 9-4-0 The Ravens aren’t asking for respect. As winners of seven of eight, they’re taking it. (JW)
8 (8) Cowboys 8-5-0 The defense was great, but the collapse could cause a hangover. Tony Romo wasn’t himself. He needs to have a strong game against the Giants. (MM)
9 (12) Cardinals 8-5-0 The Cardinals are in position to pass the Vikings for the third seed in NFC. (MS)
10 (11) Patriots 8-5-0 The Patriots don’t control their own destiny, but as long as they keep winning they have a shot at the playoffs. (TG)
11 (9) Falcons 8-5-0 The loss to New Orleans hurts, but the Falcons still have a very real chance to get to 10-6. (PY)
12 (16) Dolphins 8-5-0 The Dolphins keep winning the games they’re supposed to — not beautifully, but they’re winning. (TG)
13 (7) Jets 8-5-0 They still control their destiny, but not as sure-handedly as two weeks ago. (TG)
14 (17) Eagles 7-5-1 They’re back in the thick of things after a huge win over the Giants. This team is scary. (MM)
15 (15) Vikings 8-5-0 The Vikings could clinch the division title as early as this weekend at Arizona. (KS)
16 (14) Broncos 8-5-0 Are the up-and-down Broncos finally showing consistency as they close in on the AFC West crown? (BW)
17 (18) Saints 7-6-0 Once again, the Saints are still alive. They played perhaps their best game of the season against Atlanta. But their only real chance at a playoff spot is to run the table at Chicago, at Detroit and home with Carolina. (PY)
18 (13) Redskins 7-6-0 The dream is over. This team’s in a huge slump and it has too much ground to make up. (MM)
19 (19) Bears 7-6-0 The Bears will play in a quick turnaround game Thursday night, but it’s against a New Orleans team that struggles away from the Superdome. (KS)
20 (22) Texans 6-7-0 The Texans are coming off of what felt like a landmark win at Lambeau Field. (PK)
21 (23) Chargers 5-8-0 The Chargers are coming off of their best win of the season. Is it too late? (BW)
22 (21) Bills 6-7-0 They’re a lot closer to Lions-caliber than they are Giants-caliber. (TG)
23 (20) Packers 5-8-0 Will the defending NFC North champs win again this year? (KS)
24 (25) 49ers 5-8-0 The Niners are wondering what might have been with Shaun Hill starting all season. (MS)
25 (24) Jaguars 4-9-0 Even Jack Del Rio is calling the offense inept. (PK)
26 (26) Browns 4-9-0 The Romeo Crennel job watch starts in three weeks. (JW)
27 (27) Chiefs 2-11-0 The Chiefs are doing everything but closing out games with victories. (BW)
28 (29) Seahawks 2-11-0 Trip to St. Louis gives Seahawks chance to snap skid. (MS)
29 (28) Raiders 3-10-0 Can the Raiders spoil Randy Moss’ return to Oakland? If they do, it’ll be a bright spot in another bleak season. (BW)
30 (30) Rams 2-11-0 How bad are the Rams? Even Josh Brown and Steven Jackson faltered Sunday. (MS)
31 (31) Bengals 1-11-1 There is no fight left in these Bengals. They’ve been outscored 69-6 the past two games. (JW)
32 (32) Lions 0-13-0 If you want to play quarterback for the Lions this week, just give ’em a call. They’re running out. (KS)

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