ESPN’s Week 14 Power Rankings

ESPN’s Week 14 Power Rankings

1 (1) Giants 11-1-0 This team seems to welcome adversity. The Giants set aside the Plaxico controversy and easily defeated the Redskins on the road. (MM)

2 (2) Titans 11-1-0 They got the Bears without Kyle Orton; now they get the Browns without Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson. (PK)

3 (4) Steelers 9-3-0 Pittsburgh’s defense is definitely Super Bowl-caliber. But is it enough to carry the rest of the team to Tampa? (JW)

4 (5) Buccaneers 9-3-0 The defense was able to shut down Drew Brees. QB Jeff Garcia has played well of late, and that needs to continue in Monday night’s showdown at Carolina. (PY)

5 (7) Panthers 9-3-0 The Panthers are coming off an impressive win in Lambeau Field. But the defense will have to play better in a Monday-night showdown with Tampa Bay. (PY)

6 (6) Colts 8-4-0 The Colts found a way to win on an ugly day for the offense. The Colts are going to win at least 11 games. (PK)

7 (3) Jets 8-4-0 The Jets’ tumble from prominence happened by 17 points on their own field. (TG)

8 (9) Cowboys 8-4-0 The Cowboys are gaining some momentum, but they’re known for December swoons. And a road game in Pittsburgh looms. (MM)

9 (10) Falcons 8-4-0 A huge road win in San Diego keeps the Falcons very much in the playoff hunt. They can clinch a winning season with a victory over New Orleans. (PY)

10 (13) Ravens 8-4-0 If the Ravens get into the postseason, this is the type of physical team no one wants to face in January. (JW)

11 (8) Patriots 7-5-0 This still is a good team, with four games left to prove it belongs in the playoffs. (TG)

12 (11) Cardinals 7-5-0 The schedule eases for the Cardinals as they hit the home stretch. (MS)

13 (12) Redskins 7-5-0 They’re giving back all the cushion they earned during a brutal first half of the season. Sunday against Baltimore is a must-win. (MM)

14 (19) Broncos 7-5-0 Can anyone figure out the Broncos? A week after they looked silly against the Raiders, the Broncos shut down the mighty Jets. (BW)

15 (17) Vikings 7-5-0 Will the Vikings lose the Williams Wall just as they take over first place in the NFC North? (KS)

16 (14) Dolphins 7-5-0 Their lackluster victory over the Rams was the only Week 13 triumph among AFC East clubs, putting them one game out of first place. (TG)

17 (21) Eagles 6-5-1 They’re back in the picture if they can beat the Giants on the road. Their strong showing against the Cardinals shows that Donovan McNabb still has something left. (MM)

18 (16) Saints 6-6-0 Their playoff hopes are pretty much shot. But the Saints have a chance to play spoiler for the Falcons on Sunday. (PY)

19 (15) Bears 6-6-0 The Bears didn’t look too smooth Sunday night, but they need to realize they’re only one game out in the division. A lot can still happen. (KS)

20 (20) Packers 5-7-0 If they suffer one more loss, then you can pretty much rule out a second consecutive division title — if you haven’t already. (KS)

21 (18) Bills 6-6-0 If the Bills ever announce a Dick Jauron contract extension, fans might load the Mayflower trucks and wave as they drive across the Peace Bridge. (TG)

22 (23) Texans 5-7-0 Two good defensive efforts in a row are a good sign. Will it translate in Green Bay? (PK)

23 (22) Chargers 4-8-0 If it isn’t over in San Diego, the end is very near. (BW)

24 (24) Jaguars 4-8-0 Objective for Chicago game: Have David Garrard drop back without a lineman tripping him up. (PK)

25 (27) 49ers 4-8-0 Against all odds, the Niners are not yet mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. (MS)

26 (25) Browns 4-8-0 The Browns lost QBs Derek Anderson (knee) and Brady Quinn (finger) in one week. Can it get any worse? (JW)

27 (31) Chiefs 2-10-0 There?s nothing like a win in Oakland to cheer up a dreary season for the Chiefs. (BW)

28 (26) Raiders 3-9-0 Memo to Tom Cable: Don’t use Sebastian Janikowski as a running back ever again. (BW)

29 (28) Seahawks 2-10-0 Week 15 game at Rams could be difference between 2-14 or 3-13. (MS)

30 (29) Rams 2-10-0 The Rams are giving young players a look after watching veterans flounder long enough. (MS)

31 (30) Bengals 1-10-1 At this point, the Bengals would settle for a tie every week if possible. (JW)

32 (32) Lions 0-12-0 There’s always hope: An 0-12 Lions team beat the Vikings at home in 2001. Guess who this week’s opponent is? (KS)


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