2008 Final Update

2008 Final Update
M.D. Wright

OK, I haven’t had much free time this semester. Indeed, with six classes, four of which require 40-50 pages of reading per night and 2-3 reports due per week, I don’t get much downtime anymore. I have only been able to contemplate my immediate future following graduation. I haven’t been able to do hardly any applications for jobs nor grad schools, so nothing is concrete right now. However, my plans ARE written out. I’m just going to lay a few of them out right here so that you all will be apprised of what is taking place.

As of right now, we have one full week of classes remaining in this semester, then four final exams in my six classes (two of the classes only feature a final paper; one of which I will be turning in on Dec. 2). Following final exams, I will hopefully be able to land a job (Apple appears to be a good look, now that they’ve opened a store near UNCG’s campus — let’s hope that works out). I also have to plan to take the GRE and later the LSAT. I’ve been getting advising from not only my academic advisor, but also those who are professionals in the fields that I will be working in and wise counsel from family and trusted friends. I think the best course of action for carrying out my plans is to do the following (which of course is subject to change; depending upon whether or not it is in line with God’s will):

1. Use the fee waiver I have for law school applications and see where I get in. Even if I do not begin until the end of 2010 or early 2011, I may be able to get deferments.
2. Send in packages to prospective employers for post-graduation employment. The package would include resume, educational breakdown (more in-depth), cover letter, personal statement — basically the same thing as a law school or regular grad school application.
3. Take two classes per semester both summer sessions in Summer 2009, 3 classes in the Fall 2009, Spring 2010 and take two in both summer sessions in Summer 2010 — I will be done with my Masters (not sure if I am going to get a basic MBA, or have it concentrated in something like Human Resources Management or Finance. Not too keen on statistics and formulae in the mathematical arena — or I may attempt an MA in Journalism since my writing skills have earned me countless honors since my Brooklyn LIU days). I need more clarity about this. Pray that I receive it from the Lord.
4. Upon completion of the Masters, I will have studied for and retaken the LSAT. If I do not get into the school of my choice with this first round of applications, the waiver is good until November 2010, so I have (virtually) until I complete my Masters to decide from where I want to obtain my Juris Doctorate.
5. I want to begin acquiring property once I get my feet firmly planted in Harlem next summer. The market is good for buyers and by the time I begin law school, I could be sitting on a gold mine if I can ever get my capital lined up. Following this, I plan to come down to North Carolina and carry out some of the long-discussed real estate and business plans that some of my family members and friends have desired to carry out. This way, even if I am in New York 90% of the time, things will be in place and the takeover in North Carolina will be in place hah.

In the middle of all that, I’ve got a whole assortment of other things that I don’t need to talk about right now that will be popping off as well. However, I am not at liberty to discuss them. You will receive invitations if you are on this mailing list, though. Just know that much.

In terms of what will be taking place in the the spring of 2009, I have a few dates circled.

1. I want to go to the Inauguration, but if I am feeling wiped out like I am right now, I’ll watch it on CNN and avoid missing the first day of class. Congressman Watt doesn’t seem to sure that we will be able to get tickets, from what I could tell from his message.
2. My 30th birthday is March 30, 2009. Just letting the benevolent members of my mailing list know that. Hah. I am cancelling plans for the 90s themed party. I just want my family and friends to share with me. I may indeed choose to take that day as my chance to “host” our family’s monthly gathering if everyone else has had their go ’round by then. The 90s Themed party would’ve been exclusive. I’d rather have my family around as I did yesterday on Thanksgiving. And it will be in an open space or outdoors so we can really get out and do some things. I have to discuss this with the “Powers That Be” though. My friends would still be welcome, since only a few of them are actually in North Carolina or Virginia.
3. I am graduating from UNCG on May 15, 2009. My Sociology Department graduation is the day before, I believe. Do not quote me on this yet. I have to speak to my advisor again once the spring semester begins to confirm. I cannot send invitations until I have applied and cleared for graduation in about February. No one will be forgotten. Keep in touch with me; that is the best way to ensure 100% that I do not forget to mail you an invitation. I don’t care if you’re in California, Kuwait, New York/New Jersey, Cuba, etc., if I can reach you, you will have an invitation.
4. As far as invitation to a couple of OTHER very important events for me, that stuff will be ironed out by the end of next summer once I am back in New York. I can’t give anymore details than that right now

In Peace,



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