My NFL Week 13 Power Rankings

My NFL Week 13 Power Rankings
M.D. Wright

I finally got around to doing these. I’ve been doing the wash, cooking and making other preparations for the CALVARY that will be at our house for Thanksgiving. Finally, order is restored with the Jints at the top of the heap with NO QUESTIONS ASKED again.

1. New York Football Giants. The best team in the NFL. All-around. No debate allowed.

2. New York Football Jets. Many will argue, especially since the Jets have lost to the Raiders and nearly lost to the Chiefs; but RIGHT NOW they are the best team in the AFC.

3. Tennessee Titans. Titans fans and apologists should take heed from a Giants fan here — KERRY COLLINS IS YOUR QUARTERBACK. If the Titans are smart, they’d practice some Wildcat Offense and put Vince Young in there during the playoffs.

4. Indianapolis Colts. They’re back; which means the AFC should cower. They can win out. YES, seriously.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers. They still appear to be shaky to me. Parker in? Parker out? Roethlisberger in? Roethlisberger out?

6. Carolina Panthers. I have to give them credit, even if Jake Delhomme has looked CRUDDY this month.

7. Atlanta Falcons. They have four losses, but they’re still impressive and better than Dallas, Washington and Tampa Bay.

8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… still trying to figure out how they do it. They are the most boring team to watch.

9. Baltimore Ravens. You do not want to play them right now. They could very well finish 11-5 or 12-4 this year.

10. Arizona Cardinals. There’s no shame in losing to the best team in the NFL by only 8 points. Kurt is the MVP and they are still impregnable and impetuous on offense.

11. New England Patriots. Get outta here with the Cassel talk. They still aren’t impressing me.

12. Washington Redskins. They’re reeling, but still a smidge ahead of Dallas.

13. Dallas Cowboys. Sure, Owens had a great game, but they WERE playing hapless SF.

14. Miami Dolphins. WILDCAT!!! WILDCAT!!! WILDCAT!!!

15. New Orleans Saints. HUGE win for them Monday. They’re the best of the 6-5 teams in the NFC.

16. Chicago Bears. You never know which team is going to show up each week… appropriately in the middle of the pack.

17. Minnesota Vikings. Gus Frerotte is going to lead them right OUT of the playoffs.

18. Buffalo Bills. They are reeling like Washington, but they got a nice win last week to salvage their slim playoff hopes.

19. Philadelphia Eagles. The Iggles are in DEEP trouble. They have a game coming up against the Giants in New York as well. That game will either bolster to completely kill their slim playoff hopes.

20. Denver Broncos. The Broncos SUCK.

21. Green Bay Packers. The Bi-Polar team of the NFL.

22. San Diego Chargers. Time for the Chargers to man up and go on their patented/annual 5-game win streak. They probably only need to win 8 games (including the tie-breaking win vs. Denver in Week 17) to win the division, but a safer bet for them (and Norv’s job) is to win out and ensure they make the playoffs.

23. Houston Texans. They beat Cleveland. Whoopee.

24. Cleveland Browns. The Browns have been put on notice. Will this increase urgency on this talented, but underachieving team?

25. Jacksonville Jaguars. They piss me off with their defensive play. It has cost me two games in Fantasy Football.

26. Oakland Raiders. THE RAIDERS CAN REALISTICALLY WIN THE AFC WEST. That ought to tell you how bad this division is.

27. Kansas City Chiefs. They Chiefs are playing much better, but they still are a few pieces short of a puzzle.

28. San Francisco 49ers. They could’ve jumped on Dallas early on Sunday and did not take advantage of sluggish early play by the Cowboys. Then the avalanche occurred.

29. Seattle Seahawks. Mike Holmgrem has to throw up in his throat thinking about going out like this.

30. St. Louis Rams. YIKES.

31. Cincinnati Bengals. They need to get rid of Chad Johnson. ASAP.

32. Detroit Lions. Goodness gracious SAKES alive… can they just go 0-16 and draft ANOTHER WR next year?


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