ESPN’s NFL Week 13 Power Rankings

ESPN’s NFL Week 13 Power Rankings

1 (2) Giants 10-1-0 They were pretty impressive in beating the Cardinals without the services of Brandon Jacobs and Plaxico Burress. The G-Men have another tough road test at FedEx Field on Sunday. (MM)
2 (1) Titans 10-1-0 They probably were due for a dud. They need to re-establish the run. Who better to help than Detroit? (PK)
3 (6) Jets 8-3-0 Their victory over the previously unbeaten Titans gave them six wins in a row and made them the team to beat in the AFC. (TG)
4 (4) Steelers 8-3-0 Even on an off night, the Steelers still won by 17 points. That’s the mark of a solid team. (JW)
5 (5) Buccaneers 8-3-0 The Bucs took care of business in Detroit by scoring on offense, defense and special teams. They might not be flashy, but they get the job done. (PY)
6 (8) Colts 7-4-0 The Colts have built a nice streak and now look to have easy stretch. (PK)
7 (3) Panthers 8-3-0 A defense that was supposed to be very good fell apart against Atlanta. The remaining schedule is brutal. (PY)
8 (10) Patriots 7-4-0 Matt Cassel has put together the best two weeks of any NFL quarterback. The Patriots are one game behind the Jets after drubbing the Dolphins in Miami. (TG)
9 (11) Cowboys 7-4-0 The Cowboys have a chance to reach 8-4 Thursday, then can sit back and root for the Giants on Sunday. Tony Romo looked like himself again in Week 12, and that’s a great sign for the Cowboys. (MM)
10 (14) Falcons 7-4-0 The Falcons are coming off a huge win against Carolina and improving each week. (PY)
11 (7) Cardinals 7-4-0 Don’t be surprised if the Cardinals find a way in Philadelphia. (MS)
12 (9) Redskins 7-4-0 They notched a solid road win against a Seahawks team that refuses to quit. This will be an unbelievably emotional week with the one-year anniversary of Sean Taylor’s death. (MM)
13 (13) Ravens 7-4-0 After all these years, the Ravens finally feasted on an opposing team with quarterback issues. (JW)
14 (12) Dolphins 6-5-0 Their playoff hopes absorbed a major blow with a 20-point loss to the Patriots and a season-ending injury to leading receiver Greg Camarillo. (TG)
15 (19) Bears 6-5-0 There’s nothing like a trip to St. Louis to raise your confidence. (KS)
16 (20) Saints 6-5-0 The Saints finally looked the way they were supposed to all along in the blowout victory over the Packers. (PY)
17 (21) Vikings 6-5-0 There is something to be said for accepting a gift game. Now, if only Adrian Peterson could remember what time that meeting is. (KS)
18 (18) Bills 6-5-0 The BIlls feasted on everybody’s favorite slump-buster, the Kansas City Chiefs. (TG)
19 (15) Broncos 6-5-0 The Chiefs and Raiders have combined for four wins. Two have come against the AFC West division leader. Yikes. (BW)
20 (16) Packers 5-6-0 An embarrassing performance on MNF has left the Packers needing help to win the NFC North. (KS)
21 (17) Eagles 5-5-1 This is a team in turmoil. A loss against the Cardinals on Thursday could signal the immediate end of the Donovan McNabb era. (MM)
22 (22) Chargers 4-7-0 Can the Chargers take any more final-minute heartbreak? I think not. (BW)
23 (25) Texans 4-7-0 Not quite the MNF circumstances they expected when the schedule came out. (PK)
24 (23) Jaguars 4-7-0 The popular preseason pick to unseat the Colts is playing to avoid last place in its division. (PK)
25 (24) Browns 4-7-0 It’s hard to put a finger on what this team will try to accomplish the rest of the season. (JW)
26 (31) Raiders 3-8-0 Tom Cable just beat Mike Shanahan by 21 points — in Denver. Al Davis is a very happy man this week. (BW)
27 (26) 49ers 3-8-0 Interim coach Mike Singletary faces an uphill fight, as the 49ers play three of their next four games on the road. (MS)
28 (27) Seahawks 2-9-0 Next season can’t arrive soon enough for the Seahawks, who are in transition. (MS)
29 (28) Rams 2-9-0 Steven Jackson could return this week, but the Rams’ troubles go deeper. (MS)
30 (29) Bengals 1-9-1 The Chad Ocho Cinco trade watch begins in five weeks. (JW)
31 (30) Chiefs 1-10-0 The Chiefs punctuated their awful season by allowing 54 points, a franchise record. (BW)
32 (32) Lions 0-11-0 Calling all healthy quarterbacks: Can anyone stop the Lions’ march to 0-16? (KS)


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