NFL Week 12 Power Rankings

NFL Week 12 Power Rankings
M.D. Wright

1. New York Football Giants. The Giants are the best team in the league. Quit feeding me the 10-0 bull.

2. Tennessee Titans. They’re going to have to prove that they can win with Kerry Collins at QB vs. a great defense. They haven’t done it yet. They will have chances vs. Indianapolis, Pittsburgh and eventually the Jints should both reach the Super Bowl.

3. Arizona Cardinals. I put them this high because they could potentially wrap up their division in the next two weeks. A win vs. the Giants would ratify this ranking.

4. Carolina Panthers. Jake Delhomme looks shaky right now, but the Panthers’ running game is among the best in the league.

5. New York Football Jets. The Jets are streaking right now. Thomas Jones is the best rusher in the AFC. The defense, while not great, is making timely plays.

6. Pittsburgh Steelers. I’m not sold on the Steelers. Their offensive line is like the Hoover Dam. Their bookend LBs are getting it done for them.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. ZZZZZZZZZZZZ but they win.

8. Indianapolis Colts. The Colts are ready to make a run. They still need to tie 2-3 more wins onto their streak to solidify a wild card berth.

9. Washington Redskins. The ‘skins need to get back on track. Two tough losses in a row, and remaining games vs. Philadelphia and New York don’t make things easier for them. They do have the tiebreaker vs. Dallas.

10. Miami Dolphins. The Fins are clawing their win to victories with their Wildcat Offense.

11. Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens lost to the best team in the NFL. No shame there. They’re still better than the Patriots and Cowboys.

12. Atlanta Falcons. Yes, I said it. They are better than Dallas. The loss Sunday was an aberration. Matty Ice finally had an off day. Big deal.

13. New England Patriots. They are not impressing me.

14. Denver Broncos. Their defense did JUST ENOUGH on Sunday. Cutler’s Arm > Elway’s Arm.


15. Dallas Cowboys. They still have a ways to go to secure a playoff berth. They are a middle of the pack team with top tier talent. Something is amiss.

16. Green Bay Packers. Tough to figure them out. Sunday they appeared to be an 11-5 team. The week before, they looked like a 5-11 team.

17. Chicago Bears. They stunk up the joint Sunday, but they are better than this.

18. Minnesota Vikings. They are going to have to prove their worth the rest of this season. Week 17 will probably decide whether or not they win the NFC North or not. Their opponent: GIANTS.

19. Philadelphia Eagles. The Iggles are fading fast, and their QB doesn’t even know the rules of the game. So sad.

20. Buffalo Bills. Fading equally as fast, but Marshawn Lynch was running like a madman last night. Encouraging. Too bad Dick Jauron won’t continue feeding him the ball.

21. New Orleans Saints. It’s Drew Brees and no one else. That won’t get it done.

22. San Diego Chargers. Norv is a good guy, but he’s a glorified Offensive Coordinator who should have remained one for life. He’s not a motivating head coach. The Chargers are proving this.

23. Cleveland Browns. Can the Browns continue their solid play and not “quit”? Hmmm.

24. Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jags stink. THE END.

25. San Francisco 49ers. They play hard every week. They just have major retooling to do at every vital position in the offseason. Their WRs are old and are 4th/no-stringers and their offensive line is a sieve. Their defense has some players on it, but they don’t play together.

26. Houston Texans. I GIVE UP.

27. Seattle Seahawks. They’ve given up on Mike.

28. St. Louis Rams. YIKES.

29. Cincinnati Bengals. They are wasting Chad Johnson and TJ Houshmandzadeh’s prime years…

30. Kansas City Chiefs. You’d like to think they’d be better than this with some of the talent they have. MAJOR overhaul coming this offseason. Herm just got a reprieve. If they do not win at least 8 next year, he AND Carl Peterson are gone.

31. Oakland Raiders. Goodness Gracious Sakes Alive. JaMarcus Russell looked decent. FOR ONCE.

32. Detroit Lions. GOOD LORD.


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