ESPN’s Week 12 Power Rankings

ESPN’s Week 12 Power Rankings

1 (1) Titans 10-0-0 They welcome the extra attention that the Jets will bring to Nashville. (PK)
2 (2) Giants 9-1-0 Dominating win over the Ravens. Now they have to travel cross-country to face the Cardinals. (MM)
3 (3) Panthers 8-2-0 Survived what should have been easy games against Detroit and Oakland, but made winning look difficult. Against Falcons, QB Jake Delhomme has to bounce back. (PY)
4 (4) Steelers 7-3-0 “Big Ben” doesn’t turn over the football and the Steelers win. We’re sure that’s not a coincidence. (JW)
5 (6) Buccaneers 7-3-0 Jeff Garcia’s mobility has returned and Antonio Bryant has emerged as true No. 1 WR. RB situation remains a little shaky. (PY)
6 (9) Jets 7-3-0 They needed to win more emphatically to signal a true changing of the guard in the AFC East, but they are in control of their destiny with six games to play. (TG)
7 (11) Cardinals 7-3-0 An upset victory over Giants could deliver NFC West title to Arizona. (MS)
8 (10) Colts 6-4-0 They don’t necessarily want people saying so, but it sure seems like they are back. (PK)
9 (5) Redskins 6-4-0 Losing two straight home games hurts. Jason Campbell needs to right the ship quickly. (MM)
10 (7) Patriots 6-4-0 Like the black knight in “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” the Patriots keep losing appendages but they fight onward. “It’s just a flesh wound!” (TG)
11 (16) Cowboys 6-4-0 Win over Redskins kept their playoff hopes alive. They have great shot at getting to 8-4. (MM)
12 (15) Dolphins 6-4-0 They’re barely winning, but they’re winning. The Dolphins have won four in a row. Only the Titans and Giants have longer streaks. (TG)
13 (12) Ravens 6-4-0 The Giants brought the Ravens back down to earth. (JW)
14 (8) Falcons 6-4-0 A tough loss to Denver at home is followed by Carolina coming to town. Falcons have a chance to put themselves back in good position. (PY)
15 (19) Broncos 6-4-0 The Broncos have taken control of a weak division. Denver will have to collapse to not win the AFC West. (BW)
16 (21) Packers 5-5-0 The Packers might be getting hot at the right time. (KS)
17 (13) Eagles 5-4-1 This team was fading even before an embarrassing tie. But as Donovan McNabb says, there’s always the second OT. (MM)
18 (17) Bills 5-5-0 Tom Petty wrote a song about the Bills. No, not “Running Down a Dream.” That was five weeks ago. This one’s called “Free Fallin’.” (TG)
19 (14) Bears 5-5-0 Are the Bears really 34 points worse than the Packers? Nope. But Sunday’s loss could have reverberating effects. (KS)
20 (23) Saints 5-5-0 They return to the Superdome for the first time in 42 days. At .500, they have to almost run the table to have a playoff shot. (PY)
21 (18) Vikings 5-5-0 The Vikings have the toughest road to the NFC North title. (KS)
22 (20) Chargers 4-6-0 Let the Norv Turner watch begin. The inconsistent Chargers are one of the great disappointments of the 2008 season. (BW)
23 (22) Jaguars 4-6-0 The Jags are not going to come close to meeting preseason expectations. Can Jack Del Rio hold their attention? (PK)
24 (24) Browns 4-6-0 Brady Quinn gets the first of what the Browns hope are many victories as their starter. (JW)
25 (25) Texans 3-7-0 Measured against the Colts, they’ve not made sufficient progress. (PK)
26 (26) 49ers 3-7-0 A tough schedule might feature only one or two more victories for the 49ers. (MS)
27 (27) Seahawks 2-8-0 Depth on offensive line severely low if Mike Wahle’s shoulder injury sidelines him. (MS)
28 (28) Rams 2-8-0 Another wave of injuries threatens to take Rams from bad to worse. (MS)
29 (30) Bengals 1-8-1 Look at the bright side: Cincinnati hasn’t lost in the month of November. (JW)
30 (29) Chiefs 1-9-0 The good news: The Chiefs didn’t blow a late lead for the for first time in nearly a month. The bad news: The Chiefs lost again anyway. (BW)
31 (31) Raiders 2-8-0 Memo to the Raiders’ offense: The end zones are those two patches of grass just below the goalposts. (BW)
32 (32) Lions 0-10-0 Rod Marinelli says he is committed to doing things his way. Not sure if anything else needs to be added. (KS)


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