NFL Week 10 Picks: Rushed Edition

NFL Week 10 Picks: Rushed Edition
M.D. Wright
11:19 PM

I promise you, I meant to do this earlier, and forgot there was a Thursday game until DK reminded me as he posted his picks earlier.

And I promise ANYONE who doesn’t trust me, regardless of what happens in the CLE/DEN game, I was picking CLE all the way. It is 11:19 PM as I type this.

Denver Broncos vs. Cleveland Browns
Cleveland Browns Stadium
Cleveland, Ohio

I think the Browns are scratching and clawing for a boost. Putting Quinn in reeks of desperation for Romeo Crennel. It could backfire, or Quinn could play well. I honestly thought he’d be in the middle, but what do I know? I figured the game would be loosey-goosey and high scoring. I had Cleveland picked in the beginning.

Denver 41
Cleveland 43

The rest of the picks coming tomorrow.


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