My NFL Week 10 Power Rankings – Election Day Edition

My NFL Week 10 Power Rankings – Election Day Edition
M.D. Wright

1. Tennessee Titans.
I’ll give them a break, since we have been looking iffy on offense of late (even though we’ve still scored 85 points against decent defenses in the past three games).

2. New York Football Giants.
The running game cannot be stopped, which is why the Giants will be there in the end, despite Eli Manning’s play of late. And despite a secondary which is battered right now.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers.
Look at their injuries. They still find ways to win. Even their starting QB out for half the game last night, they manhandled Washington.

4. Carolina Panthers.
They have looked very suspect in their losses, but they are still 6-2. Look at their next few games…

5. Arizona Cardinals.
Say what you want, but I have said since late last year that their defense is NASTY and my boy Tim Hightower is about to take off as their RB. You already know about their league-best WR trio. Keep Warner upright and they’ll win 11.

6. Chicago Bears.
I’m gambling that they will keep up the good play at QB and solid defense (along with Forte’s running ability).

7. Baltimore Ravens.
Remember they lost three straight TOUGH games. Now they won three in a row and they look scary.

8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
They win ugly and lose even uglier. But hey, they are 6-3.

9. Washington Redskins.
They took a few steps back after last night’s debacle. Their losses outside of the Giants’ opener have been inexplicable.

10. Philadelphia Eagles.
I hate them, but they are finding ways to win with an iffy offense (don’t look at their points scored, they’re doing it against awful, beat-up teams).

11. Atlanta Falcons.
I’d put them higher, but their defense is shaky outside of Abraham getting sacks (and 2nd in the league at it, BTW) and Brooking’s solid play at MLB.

12. New England Patriots.
I hate them, but they are 5-3 for a reason.

13. New York Jets.
Only because they lost to the Patriots in Week 2.

14. Buffalo Bills.
They look flummoxed of late.

15. Dallas Cowboys.
OK, this is their season. They are 5-4. Romo comes back. They face a shaky (lately) Washington team. Make or break for them. Appropriately right here in the middle.

16. Green Bay Packers.
Whiffed on a chance to prove their worth vs. Tennessee.

17. Indianapolis Colts.
I still think they are more like the team that beat Baltimore and New England than the one that blew a chance to get closer to Tennessee in Week 8 and their other losses.

18. New Orleans Saints.
I do not know what to make of them. Big offense. AWFUL defense. They are 4-4 for a reason.

19. San Diego Super Chargers.
I think they are going to go on one of their patented 6-7 game winning streaks to save their season.

20. Miami Dolphins.
I don’t feel comfortable putting them any lower nor higher.

21. Denver Broncos.
That defense is going to continue being the death of them.

22. Minnesota Vikings.
Ugly team to watch. But their defense is saving them quite a bit lately.

23. Houston Texans.
I’m sticking with them all year, even if they end up 8-8 and three years off the pace I had them initially (11-5).

24. Jacksonville Jaguars.
They suck. The end.

25. Cleveland Browns.
They made an unnecessary QB change. It might sink their boat, right when they were beginning to play more consistently.

26. St. Louis Rams.
At least they are semi-competitive.

27. San Francisco 49ers.

28. Cincinnati Bengals.
Too bad they waited until halfway through the season to start playing well on offense.

29. Seattle Seahawks.
I almost feel bad for Mike Holmgren. They were slated to win 10-12 games. They might not win 5 now.

30. Kansas City Chiefs.
They are playing with a spark, as if they are playing to win the game.

31. Oakland Raiders.
That game Sunday was an absolute horror show. I do not put them lower because…

32. Detroit Lions.
The Lions are the worst team in the league. THE END.

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