Summer 2009

Summer 2009

I have quite a few options for next summer after graduation. I truly thank the Lord for that, because these past three years have been rough, coming off six straight years of increasing returns and being in the black with no worries. But hey, when you’re doing what is right, satan will come at you and try to derail you; attempting to get you to let go of your faith. Hah.

Anyway, I’m back at it. In reality, I should have moved back to New York last August when I had the opportunity. I’m on first-name terms with the undergrad admissions rep at NYU and could have made the seamless transition. WHAT HAVE YOU…

I just get tired of Greensboro. UNCG isn’t bad, but you can’t enjoy it to the fullest in a town where you NEED a car. Well, most of you know I have been planning to move back to New York for two years now. I don’t want to be taking a flashy car to Harlem. Not concerned about gettin’ caught in the gaffle, but insurance is a BEAST. I don’t need a car in New York. I know the train and bus lines like the back of my hand (as well as Exile aka Staten Island). I’m torn. But I am going to have to buy a car in the very near future. The past year was okay because my roommate was one of my friends; so I tagged along with him like someone’s 12 year old little brother LOL. I’m sick of it.

But yeah, I have several options post-grad:

1. I could move directly after graduation, and begin working immediately (will either be on Wall Street or Midtown), and go directly into law school in September while continuing to work.

2. I could work and put off law school for a year (or two) and just work, dive back into real estate like I did in 2001 and do it for real this time. Acquiring some of the properties I had my eyes on in 212 right now will pay off when this housing market balances out in about 18-24 months. Mark my words. If I am able to swing things next year, by 2011, it’s going to be VERY BEAUTIFUL if you own property there.

3. I could study abroad either for Session I or the entire summer in Roma or down in Santurce (so I can finally get up with some of my people!). This is what I have been leaning towards lately, but nothing is concrete right now by ANY means.

4. I could just do law school and my other stuff that I ain’t got to talk about and just keep head above water (tired of that; been doing it for three years now — enough is enough; but it is an option if it comes down to it).

5. OR, I could scrap all of that and go to school in Toronto or Montreal. They pay American students great money to come study there at the graduate level. As I said the other day, The U. (aka University of Miami-Florida) has a great Sports Law program. I have never wanted to live in Miami. I prefer to keep it as what it has always been for me: a great getaway spot for a week or two at a time. Living there would become monotonous after a while. After talking with one of my cousins who is in the same boat in terms of decisions at this point, the Canada option is looking real beautiful right now and of course at the end of the day I can fall back on the original plan of just moving back and work my original plans — all of which I will never let out of the bag… YAK!!!


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