Tim McCarver Is An Idiot

Tim McCarver Is An Idiot: He Proved It Yet Again – Version 1,723.8
Michael D. Wright

I have never hidden my disdain for Tim McCarver (and Joe Buck, for that matter — with his anti-New York bias forever shining during NFL and MLB broadcasts… see 2007 NFC Championship Game, 1996-2000 New York Yankees series clinching wins for the Yankees, etc. etc. etc.) but he just loses more and more points everytime he opens his mouth nowadays. We should be remembering him for being a pretty decent catcher from the 1960s and early 1970s. Unless you are 45 or older, you won’t do that, sadly.

All most of us will know about McCarver is his annoying broadcasting style ala The Billy Packer School of Pisspoor Broadcasting. How you can manage to piss off the fans of an ENTIRE SPORT for the better part of 20 years is beyond me. What is even more beyond me is how he still has a job (and Joe Buck for that matter). FOX Sports does a great job with their package (no homo) in delivering MLB and NFL. But their “lead” announcers for the Major League Baseball playoffs are awful. Troy Aikman, who is probably the best color analyst right now in the NFL, saves their NFL telecasts when Buck is going off the deep end with his smug, elitist, anti-New York nonsense.

I was APPALLED when McCarver called out my then-idol (forgive me, I was 13, not knowledgeable about the Word of God and idols, etc.) Deion Sanders in 1992, he did not have his facts straight. He was just HATING. Plain and simple. Deion was not even under contract with the Atlanta Falcons; yet he went out and played for them earlier in the day, flew into Pittsburgh to join the Atlanta Braves, who were playing the Pittsburgh Pirates in the MLB National League Championship Series. After the game, Sanders was told what McCarver said, and proceeded to enter the clubhouse and dump Gatorade on McCarver (who was interviewing one of Sanders’ Braves teammates post-game) Harry Carson/Carl Banks-style. HE DESERVED IT. Anyone who supported what McCarver — who is known to belabor what he THINKS is true for as long as an hour during a baseball game, thereby dominating the telecast and taking the focus from the GAME itself — is a meathead. I will not argue this.

I was 13 when this Sanders-McCarver thing occurred. McCarver remarked, “You’re a real man, Deion, I’ll tell you that…” Yeah, and you were mad that your bull got to Sanders before you could sneak out of town unscathed too, huh? Man I hate Tim McCarver.

THEN, I go on espn.com earlier this afternoon and read/hear what he said about my boy Manny Ramirez. Sure, everyone knows that at times Manny does not play 100% (his half-hearted effort is better than 95% of the guys in Baseball’s BEST EFFORTS, by the way — the man hit .347 with a near .500 On-Base Percentage when he was supposedly “not trying” — most guys in the league would kill for those numbers; Manny does it half-asleep). Everyone knows that Manny is an eccentric. But this clown McCarver goes out of his way to talk trash about Manny (while throwing a few bigoted subliminals at Randy Moss — what does he have to do with this? He made one statement and no one can cite evidence other than one questionable time where Moss ever “took plays off” — and mentioning Terrell Owens, who NEVER does. You can hate Owens if you want, but you cannot claim he is a slacker on the field).

Screw McCarver.


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