Politics & Mr. Wright

Politics & Mr. Wright
Michael D. Wright

This is the one and only time I am going to talk about politics until AFTER the Presidential/General Elections on November 4, 2008.

1) I am fed up with people trying to tell me about politics when I’ve been following them longer than they’ve been living. Or people who are much older than me assuming that I am just now “dabbling” into politics as if I wasn’t with my mother in the ’83/’84 campaign season when the candidates were in town; or at the booths with my parents in ’88 inquiring about the whole process and instantly becoming interested in all things political (stayed up well past midnight in the 1988 Election to see what would happen with GHW Bush and Dukakis) and eager for 1997 to get here so that I could vote. Please. Enough already.

2) Too many people let their prejudices about the “other” party or their conspicuous (or inconspicuous, in some cases) bigotry get in the way of logic and common sense. When you cannot give a candidate credit SOLELY because he is Black or SOLELY because she is Republican, or Democrat or what have you, you have serious issues. The crap we see on TV isn’t democracy in action. It is doghouse fighting. Plain and simple.

Anyone who, regardless of their party affiliation, cannot see that for the most part, Barack Obama is speaking more closely to the facts of his voting record and what he has said consistently over time than John McCain (who, for those of you who AREN’T OLD ENOUGH TO EVEN KNOW/REMEMBER — was caught up in the big S&L investigation years back, while he talks about wasteful spending and pork barrel projects???) has. Sure, 26 years of Washington politics will set you up for inevitable wrong-doing at times and no one is perfect. But this isn’t about “fundamentals”, because anyone who knows politics knows that these candidates are swayed by every wind and doctrine; they are going to say what it takes (particularly when they see Gallup polls stating what is “most important” to the voting public) to garner more votes to support their platform.

Let’s not forget, the President can only be an initiator and a pipeline of sorts. He/she does not have absolute power, for the system of checks and balances (especially with the upcoming volatility that will take place in the House after Nov. 4) will surely rise up to correct it. Nothing that these candidates CLAIM they will do can happen without the prescribed requirement of support in both parts of the House.

These guys, as I type, are arguing semantics. While we live in charged times, I can remember previous debates where there WERE distinct differences in fundamentals, where there WERE blatantly obvious differences between what one candidate/party stood for and the other(s). Now, more than ever, the lines are blurred. There has been much more “reaching across the aisle” than there was before 1980. There is no absolute “fundamental truth”. Sure, Republicans TYPICALLY embodied the conservative spirit of America, whereas TYPICALLY embodied the more liberal spirit/outlook on things. This is no longer absolute, and therefore singling people out because of the way they dress, where they live, attend school, their political beliefs (which can line up with people from ALL parties) is meatheaded, irresponsible and reeks of control issues. Anyone with a psychology and/or sociology background can see from a mile away that such a person feels that anyone opposed to their ideaology is a threat and therefore, the quickest way to quiet a threat is to shout them down, and discredit their name (without any other basis outside of bigotry, hatred and willfull ignorance).

3) I am a registered Independent. I am sick of all the backbiting and finger-pointing. While I lean Conservative on some things and Liberal on others, I am neither a Republican (2001-2007) nor Democrat (1997-2001). I am more Moderate, and my voting/political outlook will definitely reflect as such. I refuse to cave in to the narrow-minded, single-minded whims of people (in denial as they are) who try to tug me into their political party’s corner (I’ve had it happen quite frequently from many people in the past eighteen months). I’m done with all that. As is the case with my relationship with the Lord God and Jesus Christ, and from my CLOSEST FRIENDS — it is ALL about absolute truth with me; whoever is speaking it. If they are Democrat; fine. If they are Republican; fine. If they are Libertarian; fine. If they are Independent; fine. If they have no political bents whatsoever; FINE. Just as it is with my friends, if you can’t call me out when I am dead wrong, I don’t want you around me, dullah! If I can’t tell you the truth, which benefits you, I don’t want to be around you. I used to hang around a circle of people who could witness their best friend mistreat people, lie, cheat and deceive and then co-sign that friend’s actions as if they did not witness it all first-hand. I cannot deal with that. Such is the case with me and politics from now on. WHOEVER SPEAKS THE TRUTH AND CAN GET THE JOB DONE, THAT IS WHO I AM SIDING WITH.

Do not send me anymore messages talking about John McCain’s age, or your unwillingness to vote for him because he cannot raise his arms above his head… or Sarah Palin’s deer in the headlights OBVIOUS lack of knowledge/understanding (or those of you who see this and STILL think she’s effective or a “barracuda” — not realizing she’s doing it because she’s backed into a corner of unfamiliarity)… nor do I want to hear about Biden’s comments about Obama before he was chosen as VP. What Biden said was spoken from the heart and not entirely without merit; regarding Obama’s preparedness for the Office. I have told people recently that those who may speak about your inadequacies aren’t AUTOMATICALLY an enemy (again, going back to someone being able to tell you the TRUTH!!!), indeed, as Obama probably thought, he was wise enough to know he lacks foreign policy experience and went and got the best person to do the job, DESPITE what Biden spoke; which was quite frankly true — although relative to the other candidates ONLY.

Finally, I do not want to hear these blind Obama supporters who only support him because he is Black, or as I’ve heard a bunch of foolish women say, he’s “good-looking” (no homo) or any superficial nonsense that has nothing to do with one’s ability to do the job. I get just as sick and tired with Black people who are guilty as White people who only associate with Whites because they believe they are superior. The support of Obama solely based upon those reasons is no different. Let’s not keep the cycle of cowardice, bigotry and predujice continue. Vote for who is the best for the job, not because he/she is Black (or voting AGAINST he/she solely BECAUSE he/she is Black or even FEMALE). And please, ENOUGH WITH THIS STUPID PARTISAN NONSENSE.

I am done talking politics. This debate was the final chapter. If you don’t know who you are going to vote for by now, then so be it you. However, please remember a common courtesy, unless you have absolute facts (and none of us do, since we are not Washington insiders) or in someone’s closest circle of friends, DO NOT engage in political discussion unless you are going to do it in a courteous manner. I have heard people who start out rational and the minute they find out you don’t agree with their ideals, they lash out and bash you with a plethora of stereotypes. This is the ultimate reason why people do not vote as it is. Don’t contribute to the problem. Learn how to debate properly and don’t be a meathead when someone disagrees with you. You are not always right, your ideals aren’t always what’s best for the whole. Realize that and this “Democracy” (Republic) that we live in can move closer to actually BEING one.


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