Michael D. Wright

I hear the word “swagger” and all its variations tossed about more than ever these days. You rarely heard it used outside of the proper context (i.e. everything Michael Jordan embodied in the 1990s), but now even the lamest dudes are walking around talking about they’ve got swag. I don’t get it. It’s like when people call an album that doesn’t even go soundscan GOLD a “classic”. Where is the logic in that?

First of all, I am not the one to tell anyone whether they truly have swag or not. But I do have one concrete theory from which I will never budge:

If you are not from New York City, Long Island, Mt. Vernon, Yonkers or a couple of cities in New Jersey — nor lived in any of those places for any portion of your life, your swag is AUTOMATICALLY less than anyone (provided they have swag) who is from or lived in those parts by default. No questions asked. Non-negotiable. I feel very strongly about this.

But as for some of these cats. Dudes walking around with 17 different colors on, with jeans that look as if they are painted on, wearing women’s scarves and switching around, lisping like snakes — and there are plenty of them where I go to school — what in the WORLD is THAT all about? What part of the game is that?

OK, let me get off this topic before I go off on a tangent.

My theory is right, though. Cats from Chicago get much respect because they know the theory is true. L.A. dudes know it. Miami dudes know it. Atlanta and DC dudes know it. Now it’s time for the rest of these cats around G’boring to realize what swag is and ISN’T.

Forget about swagger anyway. It’s about MY AURA.


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