Why Looks Are More Important To Men Than Women

Why Looks Are More Important To Men Than Women
By Michael D. Wright

I felt compelled to blog about this topic, because I have been bombarded with inquiries as to why I like what I like in women CONSTANTLY over the past few days. Not sure why so many women are trying to get into my head all of a sudden, but hey, no reason to complain — I’ll let it ride.

However, the common denominator that all their messages have is they mistake the slight difference between being attracted to someone (and the importance of pursuing her, etc.) and being “hung up” on looks. Indeed, we all know looks fade. Heck, even Halle is starting to look… well, older. It happens. You can’t beat it. You can staple your face and inject botulism into your face as much as you want, you will age. Some worse than others. We know looks fade. That’s that. As a matter of fact,
I’ve had a philosophy since high school that I will stick to for life: “looks are the bait, the spirit and character of a person is what hooks you”. I live by that. My decisions in which women I have pursued over the past 12 years has been centered around that premise. Sure, you have some women who don’t like it. That’s fine. You can’t please everyone, and after I went through what I did in high school with my skin, you BEST believe those days of being a slave to peoples’ opinions are LONG gone.

(I could go on a tangent about how my swag has broken the swag-meter in recent years, since having to overcome what I did in high school is responsible for it, but I shant).

At any rate, the flipside of that corollary is what I want to focus on for a few lines.

I discussed how my personal philosophy has guided me in my choices in women. There was nothing wrong with them, they were “doing them” and not where they needed to be spiritually to be yoked with me, with the calling that God has on my life. I need a praying woman, a woman of strength who also is strong-willed and not a pushover. Conversely, I do not like having to summon up even more testosterone than the excessive amounts that drip off me as it is, while dealing with a bull-headed woman who likes to arga (argue), complain and manipulate 24/7. Not lumping any one group together, but that has been my experience.

Nevertheless, my question lately has been “why do women expect men to act as women do when it comes to selecting who they will date/allow into their hearts/marry? Women are “wired” differently than men. Women are designed to be perceptive, to examine and analyze everything, to DISCERN a person’s spirit and character first — and THEN, if looks are pleasant, it is the cherry on top. The problem is, in our out-of-order society in 2008, you have women doing the flipside — only focusing on what a man can do for them, instead of looking to see how they can help a man who is doing something for himself.

Likewise, for men, you have a majority who focuses on NOTHING but looks and the size of a woman’s breasts (I had a chick “correct” me the other day about my usage of the term “chick” — when it is not synonymous with “slag” in my book — not sure why she thought it was, but I digresss), the size/shape of her posterior region and all those other things that will sag once she hits 50. However, we knew this already, because you have far more women complaining about the shortcomings of men than you hear men complaining about women and their shortcomings (believe it or not, they DO have them!) Some guys know better than to go there, so they just be quiet.

However, my point is simply that men are designed to be hunters. We are to seek out what (in this case, a woman) is pleasing to us and pursue it (her) once we find it (her). You have to use your eyes to do this. You do not, as a man, perceive and know enough about her to discern whether she is a sheep or a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Women are too slick and cunning to disguise the truth. Men aren’t given to cunning and ruses to cover up an ulterior motive as women naturally are (it’s true, like it or not). That’s not to say that men don’t do it, but women do it far more than men do.

Women can discern men’s motives (and about each others’, which is why trifling women don’t try to run game on each other, since “game recognizes game”). No. As a man, you go off looks, which attract you, and then, in the course of getting to know her, you get to know more and more and decide with the information that you have gleaned whether she is who she porports herself to be. In essence, it is the flipside of what women are designed to do. Why so many women expect men to think and act as women do is beyond me. But I hope taht this shines some light on how men (not boys) think and what goes into our decision-making when it comes to pursuing women and our reasons for doing so.



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