OK, What’s REALLY Good, Mike?

My options are plentiful, but my living arrangements AREN’T what’s good. My swag took a serious hit in the past couple of weeks. Here’s why:

I got the internship with CBS Sports (and have a couple of backup gigs on deck with Warners and CCI in New York if for some reason, CBS doesn’t work out). However, I feel somewhat uneasy. First of all, it is one of those unpaid internships. If my cake was where it was before I came back to school, of course I’d have no problem doing this. Therein lies the problem. Being a full-time student, TRYING to remain legitimate and legal with your hustles on the side… it makes it tough to take such an offer when it doesn’t pay. Add on the fact that living in New York gets more expensive by the minute and you can kind of see where my concern lies.

That’s not all, though. It’s not all bad news. Everything else would be copastetic if I didn’t have to find an apartment like YESTERDAY. Given that I am trying to graduate on time (which for me was ACTUALLY last fall, before I changed my major — and is now May 2009), I really need to knock out these last 10 or 11 classes so I can stack that mooga before the fall 2009 semester. I would rather begin law school in the fall of that year rather than having to wait until the fall of 2010.

Part of me — as MUCH AS I ABHOR Greensboro — would rather take the “easy” route and live in a comfy situation and finish up my degree studies there. I use “easy” loosely, because the same companies that repeatedly tried to lure me away from Aetna throughout the entire 2002-2004 period won’t even give me shouts back on an application. Now what makes me LESS appealing (with MORE education now) than I was before — when I would’ve commanded much more in salary to leave a cushy job (time and a half overtime every week, stock options which we cashed out 5-6 times a year and bonuses every quarter — I was making 40K with no bills other than my 350Z and the costs of working on it for fun) that I could do in my sleep. I always wondered why they would not let me work from home, then merely three months after I left, they began sending everyone home to work. Personal vendetta anyone? LOL

Anyway, my point has always been this: while my parents live here and I’ve had an easy life during the time I HAVE lived in Greensboro, my heart and life have always been in New York. I hated to leave in ’98 and more and more I realize I have unfinished business to take care of like I was EPMD. I’m already behind schedule, given that my original class was ’01! So you can get with me when you see that my sense of urgency is definitely on another level than that of someone who is a traditional college student. I don’t have time to waste, because I want to have my own private practice up and going by the fourth quarter of 2013 (to my lawyer friends who want to form a conglomerate, get at me and let’s talk business!)

However, in the short term, let’s talk about the CUNY (City University of New York) system. I heard all the horror stories when I was in school in Brooklyn before. At the time, I figured I had made the right decision to stay out there and go to LIU (until I found out they were Don King and I was Mike Tyson and the thousands of dollars I THOUGHT I had, they had swindled me out of). I still contend that was a great school if you are about the social aspect. However, I will also admit that when I wasn’t hanging with some of the cats from class, I was always in Harlem. Looking back, although LIU was a decent school, I have come full circle and finally enrolled at the school I SHOULD have applied to back in 1997 — CCNY (or City, as we refer to it). I would have been able to develop a better relationship with some long lost family who were peppered all over Harlem World back then, whereas now, I find myself making up for lost time in that arena. This has not come without its snags. For now one of the reasons my plans are in limbo is the fact that I had fallen out of touch with or never really had a relationship with some of my family who lives Uptown. This would definitely help me smooth the transition of moving back to New York. City is really buggin’ when it comes to getting paperwork to me (and countless other friends who I know have matriculated through the CUNY system over the years). I didn’t get my acceptance letter until last week, and I find that I still need to submit more paperwork on a rush basis in order to even attempt to get in this semester. I tried to be as proactive as possible and get everything in to them in a timely manner… still didn’t prevent the typical CUNY BS. That said, the schools themselves are GREAT, but dealing with the administration is like trying to watch SportsCenter or an NFL game without hearing about Brett Favre — ANNOYING.


I still believe things are going to work out for the best. I did get accepted to Hunter College as a non-degree student, which basically allows for me to take classes during the fall, take the internship and if I WANTED TO, I could come back to UNCG and just finish up in the spring and walk in May 2009.

Another option is to continue forward with the original plan of going full-time at City, doing the internship and then to maintain, a whole assortment of stuff I ain’t really got to talk about. At the end of the day, my wilderness is over and I’m glad. Shouts to those who prayed and encouraged me through that period. Shouts to those who hated, lied, whispered and slandered me, rejoicing in my downfall for that time… your day is coming and I hope you can remember to cling to God going through, because it’s definitely what got me through and I’m much better for having gone through it. Satan thought he had me completely defeated, and much like Job, God only allowed for him to do everything SHORT of taking my life (yeah, there have been some serious moments where some wild spit could’ve popped off and I could’ve checked out of here EARLY). But I’m good.

In regard to my plans for the fall 2008 semester… stay tuned — because I don’t even know, B…


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