Nuggets of Wisdom

Nuggets of Wisdom
M.D. Wright
The quotes are excerpted from “RIB: The Truth — The Story — The Reality of Women”
Gonna help some of you out who perpetuate vicious cycles of dead end thinking and actions, then I’m going to enjoy some football.
“The disagreement between what is expected and what actually happens between both types of Imposters and Phonies is only discovered through the perversion found in their thinking. Their thinking determines how they process who they are and what they expect from men. Identifying each individual inconsistency seems next to impossible, but the identity in found in the first three letters of their secular thinking, ‘Sec.’ The college whore and the Temple Prostitute like to operate “Secretly.” They conceal their whoredom from others or only allow a select few to know the truth behind, “Whore Number One.” The connection is not difficult to make. Silly women often alienate themselves with a distinct group of Imposters and Phonies within society by virtue of certain refinements or distinctions of beliefs and practices, a Sect.
The thing about this kind of educational and spiritual condemnation is it appears to be beyond ordinary understanding or without explanation by the women secretly operating in it. This is a powerful irony normally found in a dramatic effect between retardation and sanity. The irony enables right-minded people to see and understand the inconsistency between beliefs and practices while accepting them both. Think of it in light of the Church. The church knows homosexuality goes against the Word of God, yet many Pastors condone homosexuality by marrying people of the same sex. The ironic thing about this is they do it using the Word of God to sanction or ordain the very thing that is an abomination to God. They fail to see the irreverence found in the manner in which they practice their faith.
The same lack of vision enables man to operate in irreverence, and it keeps the Temple Prostitute and the College Whore connected to Imposter, Phony, and Viper. Silly women are unaware of the inconsistency found between their spiritual and educational teachings when demonstrating feigned ignorance during the act of fornication. Most men can sense a Temple Prostitute and a College Whore a smile away because they too have become “Silly.” Most men realize each kind of Imposter and each kind of Phony contains disparate, inconsistent, or discordant parts and qualities that are not consistent with those of right-minded thinking.
College Whores and Temple Prostitutes conduct themselves in a state of falsity when it comes to experiencing true love and desires that are dominated by sexual love and sexual desire. The abnormal and persistent sexual excitement exposes them to superficial realities that work against the sum of all things that are real, absolute and unchangeable in their world. Look at how revealing educated and so-called saved women dress. Yet many of them walk around exhibiting strong animosity towards men who see them and treat them in the manner they project themselves to be, “Whores.” They do this without realizing how the impurity in their own heart has attracted this kind of man in the first place.
Eventually, the heart of a College Whore and Temple Prostitute becomes hardened and it ceases to be friendly, generous or warm-hearted in nature. The disposition exhibits an inability to empathize or understand their own contribution to the feelings they have toward men. Therefore, they begin to make statements like, “Men aren’t shit” or “All men think the only thing a woman is good for is sex.” The biggest question surrounding “Men aren’t shit” is what makes a man who is not worth shit approach a woman who thinks she is worth more? Could it be that a man who is not worth shit is attracted to a woman who is not worth shit herself? A man who is not worth shit cannot usually approach a woman of substance. Most women of substance normally would not make utterance of a statement that demonstrates subnormal intellectual development.
A woman of substance will not possess an inability to guard against common secular dangers that allows men who are not worth shit to approach her in the first place. A woman of substance would be capable of connecting the dots between her thinking and the tragic outcomes it produces in her life and her relationships. “All men think the only thing a woman is good for is sex.” What else is a man going to think when women use sex to willfully transition from a high level of moral excellence to a lower level of immorality or intellectual character for money, fame and fortune? Remember, whether a Silly Woman is in college or in church, she still aliens herself with a distinct group of Imposters and Phonies within society by virtue of certain refinements, garments or distinctions in beliefs and practices. What does this mean? Look at whom a college or church woman resembles. Look at whom her thinking resembles, and then look at whom her actions resemble and then see what kind of men she attracts. Through this resemblance, Silly Women and both types of Imposters and Phonies remain connected o the same kind of men that remain connected to the same kind of tragic outcomes. This is deep-rooted mental illness. It does not allow Silly Women to see what is evident and what is evident to the average mind of a man. The power to go beyond superficiality is lost at this point. A Silly Woman sees a “Good Look” and forgets about moral excellence or intellectual character that is needed to fashion a good man. They even forget about money. Millions of women are with good-looking men who exhibit low expectations out of life and high expectations out of women they undoubtedly live with. Yet millions of women are okay with a man with low expectations, and millions of Silly Women live with financially secure men who are not worth a “Dime.” Tragically, Silly Women remain in both types of relationships when they are often victims of infidelity or mental and physical abuse by the men they dearly honor. It is not hard to figure out why they are silly. “
This book is longer than a Shakespeare novel. Highly recommended read.
Don’t want to be held accountable for thoughts of actions, don’t want to have to ever answer to anyone when they get checked. Will find a way to justify any and everything they do, but someone else is always the villain. Avoid these people. They will always do you in. Learn to discern and stop making bad decisions, then you wouldn’t have to be on social media posting memes because you’re bitter. And make better choices in men and women. Learn to be alone for more than two days. You can’t find the right woman while screwing everything that moves, and the right man can’t find you when you’re holed up with someone different every few weeks.
You can’t fool those with sharp discernment, anyway. You can think you are fooling them, but they’re just waiting for you to come to grips about who you truly are and acknowledge it. Women know this about men (yet still get with these Imposters) and men can know a woman is unsavory and still break his neck to get at her.
Flaunting around your “education” and material things, as if that is synonymous with your identity is pure folly. Taking advantage of weak-willed women, as if to cast a spell on them makes you a Viper. Man or woman. This post isn’t gender-specific. It applies to ALL human beings. Govern yourselves accordingly.

2017 NFL Week 4 Bettor’s Guide

2017 NFL Week 4 Bettor’s Guide
M.D. Wright

Last Week:
SU: 7-9
ATS: 7-9

SU: 28-20
ATS: 23-24-1


BUF +8 OVER (49) ATL.
CAR +9 UNDER (49) VS. NE.
LAR +6.5 OVER (49) DAL.
MIN -2 OVER (43) DET.
CIN -3.5 OVER (42) CLE.
HOU +3 UNDER (44) VS. TEN.
JAX -3.5 OVER (38.5) NYJ.
LAC -2 OVER (48) PHI.
ARI -7 OVER (44.5) SF.
NYG +3 OVER (45) TB.
DEN -3 UNDER (45.5) VS. OAK.
IND +13 OVER (41.5) SEA.
KC -7 UNDER (49) VS. WSH.

2017 NFL Week 3 Bettor’s Guide

2017 NFL Week 3 Bettor’s Guide
M.D. Wright

Last week was all about blown covers, including a couple of backdoor covers late. Nothing like last second scores to swing the cash. Early season parlays are not wise nowadays. Games change at the drop of a hat in today’s NFL.

Last Week:
SU: 11-5
ATS: 7-9

SU: 21-11
ATS: 16-15-1

Week 3: (LAR vs. SF, LAR covered with points)


2017 NFL Week 2 Bettor’s Guide (Picks Only)

2017 NFL Week 2 Bettor’s Guide (Picks Only)
M.D. Wright

Picks Only this week:

Last Week:
SU: 10-6
ATS: 9-6-1

SU: 10-6
ATS: 9-6-1

Week 2:
HOU vs. CIN: (HOU +6; Covered, HOU ML; Hit)

BUF (+7) UNDER (43) vs. CAR
BUF 17
CAR 23

TEN OVER (41.5) vs. JAX (-3)
TEN 20
JAX 24

NE OVER (57) vs. NO (+7)
NE 27
NO 38

MIN (+6) UNDER (45) vs. PIT
MIN 20
PIT 24

PHI UNDER (47.5) vs. KC (-6)
PHI 16
KC 24

ARZ (-7.5) OVER (44) vs. IND
ARZ 34
IND 13

CHI OVER (43.5) vs. TB (-7)
CHI 17
TB 31

CLE (+8) OVER (38.5) vs. BAL
CLE 23
BAL 20

NYJ OVER (43.5) vs. OAK (-14)
NYJ 15
OAK 38

MIA UNDER (45.5) vs. LAC (-3.5)
MIA 17
LAC 26

SF UNDER (41.5) vs. SEA (-14)
SF  6
SEA 27

DAL UNDER (43.5) vs. DEN (+3)
DAL    13
DEN    23

WSH UNDER (45.5) vs. LAR (-3)
WSH 19
LAR 23

GB OVER (56.5) vs. ATL (-3)
GB  26
ATL 34

DET UNDER (42) vs. NYG (-3)
DET     13
NYG     19


2017 NFL Week 1 Bettor’s Guide

2017 NFL Week 1 Bettor’s Guide
M.D. Wright

Week 1 is upon us and the season is underway. A few points of order with this season’s bettor’s guides:

As previously stated earlier this week, will be doing the Thursday games separate from the remaining Bettor’s Guide, as Friday practices (Saturday for Monday night teams) affect lineups and obviously the action thereafter.

KC +8 (Hit), KC ML (Hit).

SU: 1-0
ATS: 1-0

Week 1:
Atlanta Falcons vs. Chicago Bears
Soldier Field
Chicago, Illinois
My Call: ATL -7
Over/Under: Over 48.5

We don’t really know what the Bears are entering this season. They released Jay Cutler, then signed Mike Glennon to a galling contract in the offseason, before needlessly sacrificing a draft pick in order to move up to draft Mitch Trubisky, who looked every bit as good as Glennon (and, at some points, better; albeit versus second-stringers and final cuts in some instances) in the preseason.

Nevertheless, we know what the Falcons are. Their offense might not be as electric as it was last year with a new coordinator and surely a slightly different approach with the departure of Kyle Shanahan to take the San Francisco head coaching position, but their defense should be even better with the additions of Dontari Poe at nose/defensive tackle and Takk McKinley via the draft. There should be a bit more balance with this squad, as the offense carried the team until the defense began to gel late in the season. You would be a trivia genius if you could name all 11 Bears starters on defense without looking them up.

Most importantly, the Falcons know who they are, and will gameplan and execute accordingly.

Atlanta                        34
Chicago                       17

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Washington Redskins
FedEx Field
Landover, Maryland
My Call: PHI -1
Over/Under: Over 48

These two tend to play some wild games in recent years, regardless of the locale. Both teams have had drastic overhauls on both sides of the ball. It’s a tough call for that reason. Both teams return their starting quarterbacks from last season, but that is basically where the continuity ends. The Eagles’ secondary is virtually made over; moving on from Brandon Boykin, and trading WR Jordan Matthews to acquire CB Ronald Darby from Buffalo. LB Mychal Kendricks wants out of town, but the Eagles linebackers are solid. We don’t really know what to make of their defensive line — which, on paper, looks stout — with top dog Fletcher Cox, Florida State legend Timmy Jernigan, who was acquired from Baltimore, and Brandon Graham. The Eagles’ WR corps is a major question mark, as is their running game.

The Redskins defense is shaky. They are going to miss Trent Murphy during his suspension. They will also interior anchor Chris Baker, who commanded two blocks for most of the season in 2016, allowing Ryan Kerrigan and Murphy to run free in run support and to get after the passer. Their secondary is not good. DeAngelo Hall is on his last legs. Bashaud Breeland got exposed throughout last year. Josh Norman’s play did not match his bluster at any point in 2016. Offensively, while the team acquired Terrelle Pryor in free agency, they moved on from Pierre Garçon and, at least this week, Jamison Crowder’s availability is in question. They will finally have Josh Doctson healthy, however. It is anyone’s guess how many games Jordan Reed will be healthy for in 2017, but as for now, he will be ready for Week 1.

Washington’s run game is a major question mark. Rob Kelley looked decent in 2016, but even his production tailed off toward the end of the season. They moved on from Matt Jones, who is now a Colt.

This team has more questions than answers. But again, these two teams play wild, high scoring and close games every time they square off; hence the lines. It is a virtual pick ’em.

Philadelphia                          27
Washington                           23

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cleveland Browns
FirstEnergy Stadium
Cleveland, Ohio
My Call: CLE -9.5
Over/Under: Over 47

The Browns tend to play the Steelers competitively; whether it be an entire game or at least for a half. It is shaky to propose the Steelers winning by 10 or more, particularly with the addition of Gregg Williams as defensive coordinator for the Browns, and the addition-by-subtraction by cutting the already-washed-up Joe Haden. The Browns defense looks like a solid unit. The real questions are about their offense. At best, it is a project and a work in progress. But they have a good amount of talent at the “skill” positions.

The Steelers had trouble on the road last season. They do get Martavis Bryant back for this season, but he missed all of 2016 with a suspension and it is difficult to think that he will pick right up where he left off in 2015. Le’Veon Bell is effectively playing himself into football shape in this game. The Steelers SHOULD win, but do not be the least bit surprised if the Browns, at the very least, cover.

Pittsburgh                  26
Cleveland                   20

Baltimore Ravens vs. Cincinnati Bengals
Paul Brown Stadium
Cincinnati, Ohio
My Call: BAL +3
Over/Under: Under 42.5

We don’t know what to make of the Ravens offense as of right now. We did not see Joe Flacco in the preseason. Will the Ravens have a pass rush? Will they have enough in the secondary? We think so, but it’s hard to pin your hopes for wagering purposes until you’ve seen a live game. That’s the crap shoot that is Week 1 in the NFL season nowadays.

The Bengals should be relatively healthy, and Joe Mixon figures to eventually make Jeremy Hill expendable before long. Slight questions in the secondary, but the Ravens don’t appear to have much in the way of a running game. You just never know. Should be close, though. Tough call to pick the Ravens to cover and lose a close game, but it should turn out about that way.

Baltimore                     19
Cincinnati                    20

Arizona Cardinals vs. Detroit Lions
Ford Field
Detroit, Michigan
My Call: DET +2
Over/Under: Over 48

We’ll take the Lions only because Ameer Abdullah should — SHOULD — at least be healthy for Week 1’s game, right? Beyond that, who knows?

Arizona                       24
Detroit                        31

New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills
New Era Field
Orchard Park, New York
My Call: NYJ +8
Over/Under: Under 40

Who cares?

NY Jets                        16
Buffalo                       20

Oakland Raiders vs. Tennessee Titans
Nissan Stadium
Nashville, Tennessee
My Call: TEN -1.5
Over/Under: Under 50.5

The Titans played the Raiders tough last season. In fact, some would argue that they blew the game. The Titans are favorites (with us, at least) to win the AFC South. As they should be. Don’t know why so many people think anyone but the Raiders or Chiefs win the AFC West, but we’ve seen picks for the Chargers and Broncos at times. Odd.

As for this game. It should be more of the same from last year’s meeting. Maybe not 17-10, but something along those lines in terms of separation on the scoreboard.

We’re actually going to take the Titans money line here.

Oakland                              23
Tennessee                          27

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Houston Texans
NRG Stadium
Houston, Texas
My Call: JAX +6
Over/Under: Under 39.5

First of all, we send out prayers TO GOD — FOR (not “to”) — those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Some fans are looking for some semblance of normalcy, and sports can be a great unifier and a means to take minds off the catastrophe at hand.

Not that this ugly game — and these two teams really play some stinkers — will exactly suffice, but anything to return to some normalcy is good enough.

Both teams have such immense talent on both sides of the ball and are held back by QB play. Unless Tom Savage gets a quick hook in this game in favor of Deshaun Watson, that will hold true.

Hide your eyes.

Jacksonville                       16
Houston                              19

Indianapolis Colts vs. Los Angeles Rams
Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
Los Angeles, California
My Call: LAR -5
Over/Under: Under 39.5

Scott Tolzien at QB? No Vontae Davis on an already-bad defense?

If the Rams can’t win this game, they won’t win more than 5 or 6 all season.

And even if they do, they will do so in epic-struggle fashion.

Indianapolis                13
LA Rams                       20

Seattle Seahawks vs. Green Bay Packers
Lambeau Field
Green Bay, Wisconsin
My Call: SEA +3
Over/Under: Over 51

Last season is over. Zero correlation between the 2016 tilt between these two and this game. The Seahawks are healthy across the board except at left tackle. They possess arguably the best defense in the NFL, though a couple of teams could make equal cases. The offense should be fine regardless of the injury to George Fant at the aforementioned left tackle spot. Rees Odhiambo will occupy that spot.

Green Bay is stocked offensively, and will present a few issues for Seattle at times. It will be tough sledding for Ty Montgomery & Co. on the ground, and there will be plays available in the passing game for sure.

But Green Bay’s defense still leaves a lot to be desired.

Seattle                   29
Green Bay            23

Carolina Panthers vs. San Francisco 49ers
Levi’s Stadium
Santa Clara, California
My Call: CAR -6
Over/Under: Under 47.5

The Panthers should win, but it will not be easy. We need to see more from the Niners’ offense before we can get a good idea of who they truly are.

Carolina                          24
San Francisco                17

New York Football Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys
AT&T Stadium
Arlington, Texas
My Call: NYG +4
Over/Under: Over 47.5

Some (Vegas) appear to be concerned about Odell Beckham’s availability for this game, but he is almost certainly playing. To what level of fluidity? That remains to be seen.

The Giants boast one of — if not arguably the best — defense in the NFL. The offense, with the addition of Brandon Marshall, who possesses the outside size the Giants desperately lacked in 2016, allowing Sterling Shepard to operate in the slot, and the freedom for Beckham to also alternate at every WR position, opens up more options for the Giants’ passing attack. The team also upgraded at tight end, which was a position of great lack, to one of great depth in 2017. Blocking TE Rhett Ellison will help with the run game, Evan Engram provides a downfield threat, and proved that he can effectively block when called upon. Additionally, holdovers Jerrell Adams and Matt LaCosse provide quality depth.

The Giants’ run game was a concern in 2016, but should be better simply with the release of Rashad Jennings alone. The offensive line itself isn’t bad (or great) at run blocking, but help on the edges will augment that aspect of the game with Paul Perkins & Co. in the backfield. The Giants have not had a reliable fullback in ages, and Shane Smith paid dividends in preseason. This will also help the run game, as well.

Pass protection is a concern to a degree, but the line now has depth should any of the starters show that they are unable to hack it. Half of Dallas’ defense is injured or suspended (and another who received a DUI should be, but isn’t, as well). This isn’t exactly the best game to gauge the progress of the Giants’ offensive line.

Dallas lost Doug Free to retirement after last season, and placed La’el Collins at right tackle to fill that need. Chaz Green at left guard is a liability. Dallas loves to boast about their offensive line, but it is not cohesive yet. Green has either been nicked up and, when he’s played, looked horrible. The Giants’ front isn’t the one to sort out one’s shortcomings. Soon-to-be suspended Ezekiel Elliott will have trouble finding rush lanes. We will see what Dak Prescott is truly made of Sunday night, as he gets a chance to prove that he wasn’t just a product of the offensive line’s protection, Elliott’s abilities in and outside of the backfield, and a solid, if not unspectacular defense that notched high grades in analytics, but isn’t particularly talented at all. Even less so in the secondary, and, especially for this game, their defensive line in Week 1.

NY Giants                           31
Dallas                                  20

New Orleans Saints vs. Minnesota Vikings
U.S. Bank Stadium
Minneapolis, Minnesota
My Call: MIN -3
Over/Under: Over 48

Forget all the Adrian Peterson storylines. That is for the media to build up an audience for the game. As it is, it does the Saints no good to have Mark Ingram, Peterson,  and Alvin Kamara to run the football if Drew Brees ends up still managing to pass the ball 40 times every week. The Saints’ main problem for years wasn’t always a lack of talent defensively; it was that they were on the field for long stretches or for more time per game than the offense. The Saints are marginally better defensively, but Florida State legend Dalvin Cook will give the Saints problems — even behind a poor offensive line — as he is also a superb pass receiver out of the backfield. The Vikes have plenty of weapons on the outside to counter what the Saints do.

And we know how the Saints play when they’re on the road.

And against a great defense?

New Orleans                    23
Minnesota                        27

Los Angeles Chargers vs. Denver Broncos
Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium
Denver, Colorado
My Call: LAC +3
Over/Under: Over 43

Not the most attractive game ever, but it should be good. For what it’s worth, the Bolts weren’t terrible in 2016. They lost a ton of games in the closing moments in almost comical fashion in a few instances. They were ravaged by injuries across the board, as well. Other than Denzel Perryman on defense, they are relatively healthy. They also have Joey Bosa, who had a full camp this year, who was unstoppable for long stretches last season.

Denver has to show and prove that they can run the ball against a very good defense, and that Trevor Siemian has actually made progress after a decidedly average season in 2016.

LA Chargers                        31
Denver                                 24